FAQ - ArcFM - QA/QC Checking Persists with Domain Removal

Version 2



    When running the ArcFM QA/QC tool, errors are reported for specific features based on a domain value. The associated domain was removed from the Feature Class via ArcCatalog, but the QA/QC tool continues to report the errors. What could be causing this if the domain is no longer referenced?




    A variety of conditions are checked when the ArcFM QA/QC tool is run. If a domain is removed from a specific attribute field, errors associated with that domain should no longer be reported.


    For example, a ‘measured length’ field may reference a domain with a given range. Features sketched with lengths that fall outside the defined range should report errors when performing QA/QC. If the domain reference is removed from the respective field, length errors should no longer occur.


    If errors related to the domain value persist, it is likely that the domain is also assigned to subtypes of the feature class. Removal of the domain reference for all subtypes is also required.


    Following the removal of all referenced domain instances, perform a QA/QC test on a feature that does not meet the domain specifications, e.g., length. Then verify that no ArcFM QA/QC errors are reported.