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    Announcing the Release of ArcFM 10.2.1d


    ArcFM 10.2.1d has officially been released!

    This new release is full of new features as well as certification for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5, along with Windows Server 2016. In addition, it includes support for ArcGIS 10.2.1 Utilities and Telecom Update 7 Patch.

    Here’s a look at some of the new features!

    ArcFM Desktop

    • New ArcFM Attribute Editor productivity tools to easily remove items from your Selection Tab, Highlight/Zoom at the layer level, and quickly view Domain Information for a feature.
    • Enhanced gas valve isolation trace which now respects 2 squeeze off temporary marks on the same complex edge.
    • Right-click option to display Field information and Domain Information from the Attribute Editor
    • Right-click functionality in Attribute Editor to Remove Other Items from selection
    • Enable Highlight and Zoom at layer level in Attribute Editor
    • Multiple Squeeze Off Markers can now be placed on the same Edge Feature
    • New ArcFM Solution developer templates
    • New tracing API provides TraceDownstream and FindFeedpaths methods for electric networks, as well as general-purpose methods for breadth-first and depth-first traversal, all highly configurable via user-supplied delegates


    ArcFM Designer

    • Enhanced search in the selection pane allows for multiple CUs to be searched for, selected and added in a single pass
    • Design Summary view allows for CU searching as well as exporting


    Fiber Manager

    • Allows for multiple in and out ports with directional routing based on WDM or DWDM lambda. Compatible with circuits so that circuits created on a given lambda route through the correct ports only.



    • +1 Prediction will determine more quickly when incidents should roll-up multiple levels in the network, such as to a Fuse
    • Added Crew Status to the Incident Summary information
    • Build Archive from History can now be run as a standalone tool


    Get all the details at


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    Explore and Test the Latest in GIS at Esri UC July 10-14!


    Esri.jpgThe Esri User Conference is the flagship event of the GIS industry. With more than 1,000 sessions and hundreds of hours of technical training, you’ll leave the event equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to work smarter.

    Join us at Esri UC to explore and test-drive new software solutions that are transforming the world by unlocking data’s full potential!

    • Network and collaborate with peers to learn best practices. Discover new, focused solutions that will help your organization unlock the full potential of data.
    • Connect with other power users to exchange workflows and workarounds, experience technical breakthroughs, and test-drive new GIS software alongside Esri experts.
    • Uncover powerful innovations implemented in other industries and get hands-on training from Esri tech experts.
    • Test-drive the latest developer tools, technologies, and techniques for next-generation app building using the ArcGIS platform.


    Customers and current partners are invited to join us for the Schneider Electric Presentation and Hosted Social on Sunday, July 9. Come see what’s new and exciting with the Schneider Electric ArcFM Solution!

    Go here to learn more and register!

    Esri User Conference
    Applying the Science of Where
    July 10-14, 2017
    San Diego, CA


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    Fayetteville Public Utility: Case Study of a Multi-Utility Implementation



    Few solution implementations are quick and easy, but Fayetteville Public Utility (FPU) was complex even by utility standards. Located in southern middle Tennessee, FPU is a multi-service provider of electricity, natural gas, water, waste water, cable TV, high-speed internet and phone services to more than 32,000 customers.

    The implementation of ArcFM, Designer, Responder and Fiber Manager required working with five different utilities and datasets, as well as:

    • Legacy data translated into ArcFM data model
    • Existing CUs brought into Designer
    • Five full training sessions
    • Custom interfaces with accounting and customer management systems


    In this presentation at Link 2017, FPU’s J.W. Brown discusses the approach that enabled Schneider Electric and FPU teams to complete the implementation on time.

    This included a custom workflow manager filter that allows users to search all open work requests (now used on a daily basis); custom forms for designs; accounting management interface to talk between Designer and accounting software in NISC; the ability to identify outages with Responder; NISC-CIS integration and mapping the data in GIS; along with preparations for implementing AMI and linking with Responder.

    Go here to view the presentation!


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    Learn from our Latest Webinar: Creating Smarter Utilities



    The future of GIS will require utilities to be smarter: To work more productively; and access and share data instantly across an organization.

    View the recorded webinar featuring Esri’s Bill Meehan and Schneider Electric’s Danny Petrecca and learn how Esri and Schneider are taking GIS to the next level!

    • How we are working together to create smarter utilities
    • A closer look at the new ArcFM XI Series ecosystem and solutions
    • Steps to help you prepare for the Utility Network
    • A preview of upcoming events


    The future of GIS requires you to be prepared.  View the webinar!


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    How Truckee Donner Expanded the Power of GIS across its Organization



    For 80 years, Truckee Donner Public Utility District has consistently innovated to bring reliable electric and water services to more than 17,000 customers in California.

    Schneider Electric’s ArcFM Web is a powerful solution on this innovation journey, providing utility-specific tools and functionality to support field operations and business decision-making. Most notably, Truckee Donner PUD is taking full advantage of customizations in order to expand GIS to more employees.

    It currently has 25 custom workflows in production, including:

    • Step-through guides for finding information and generating reports
    • Outage information tools
    • Equipment removal/install reporting tools


    Let’s take a look at a few of these…


    • The Web Map Outage Center makes Responder outage information accessible to all employees, and delivered invaluable, real-time data to staff during a series of major outages this past winter.
    • The central hub for project information allows for real-time updates on project completions and equipment status; better dispatching and outage response; and has helped prioritize crews by providing real-time data to supervisors.


    Building workflows allows users to quickly view the data they’re interested in and be confident they’re looking at the most updated information. By expanding the power of GIS across the organization, Truckee Donner PUD has improved reporting and reliability; ensured quality data is entered on all forms, streamlined the paperwork process; and increased automation.

    Truckee Donner PUD will continue its innovation journey by expanding its use of GIS even further, including plans to incorporate tracing tools into existing workflows; incorporate trace results to workflows for reporting and customer notifications; transition additional processes to web-map based workflows; and more.

    The integrated solutions of Schneider Electric allow utilities like Truckee Donner PUD to leverage GIS with more speed and confidence than ever before, as well as deliver superior customer service.

    To learn more about using ArcFM Web Workflows, view the recorded webinar, Getting More from ArcFM Web with Workflows


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    Maximize Your ArcFM Investment with Premium Support


    Join Ebony Fellman, Schneider Electric Technical Account Manager and David Miller, Manager of Geospatial Technologies at Lincoln Electric to learn how Schneider Electric’s Extended Support and Maintenance (ESM) can help maximize your ArcFM investment.


    Join us for the webinar

    June 22, 2017
    11:00 am MT


    Register Now


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    Tips and Tricks: Common Fiber Manager Errors and How to Fix Them



    If you’re getting Fiber Manager errors, we probably have the solution! In this month’s Tips and Tricks, we look at some of the most common errors while setting up or using a Fiber Manager implementation – and typical ways to fix them.

    For instance, are you missing child levels in Location Editor? Perhaps when you open it on a feature, none of its child layers are visible, so you can’t add to or remove from them?

    If that’s the case, you need patch 3138. The original code required the case to be camel case (a combination of upper and lower case). With the patch, the case is irrelevant.

    We also address other common errors such as:

    • You’re unable sketch point features on a Fiber Cable
    • Error message appears ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object…’
    • You get the message ‘Activation error occurred while trying to get instance of type’ when you try to open connection manager or circuit manager

    We can help! Go here to get the quick solutions to all of these common Fiber Manager error messages.


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    Upcoming Events


    Esri User Conference
    July 10 – 14, 2017
    San Diego, CA

    Learn More...


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