Solution - ArcFM Mobile - Microsoft Login Screen Issue

Version 3



    The login window appears to be stuck and displays as follows:




    This behavior is seen in the following products:

    • ArcFM Mobile for Windows
    • ArcFM Mobile Tools for Excel
    • ArcFM Mobile Tools for ArcGIS
    • Redline Tools for ArcGIS
    • Tile Package Uploader





    A recent Microsoft modification, in regards to login re-direct behavior, was made.





    • For ArcFM Mobile for Windows:
      • If only Microsoft Accounts are configured for logging in, the app needs to be re-installed. (Installer: ArcFM Mobile for Windows )
      • For all other accounts, the app will automatically update at successful login.


    • For the ArcFM Mobile Tools for Excel:
      • The add-in will automatically update when Excel is launched.