ArcFM Mobile Services and Tools Release Notes

Version 3

    What is the ArcFM Sync Service?

    The ArcFM Sync Service supports scalable management of offline GIS content.


    What is the ArcFM Redlining Service?

    The ArcFM Redlining Service supports the flexible configuration of Redlining Tools in the ArcFM Mobile Windows application.


    What are ArcFM Mobile Tools?

    • The ArcFM Redlining Tools for ArcGIS allow a desktop GIS user to see and respond to redlines created in the ArcFM Mobile Windows application.
    • The ArcFM Mobile Tools for ArcGIS allow a desktop GIS user to create and assign tasks in ArcFM Mobile based on a feature selection, create ArcFM Mobile history reports for a selected feature, and join map features to task results for symbolization and labeling.
    • The ArcFM Mobile Tools for Excel allow an analyst to import ArcFM Mobile task results to Excel for creation of custom reports.
    • The ArcFM Mobile Tile Package Uploader assists an administrator in uploading tile packages to ArcFM Mobile for use as basemaps.
    • The ArcFM Mobile AD Sync Tool enables automatic synchronization of Active Directory user and group policies to ArcFM Mobile.


    What are ArcFM Task Services?

    ArcFM Mobile Services support access control, processing, and management of tasks and workflows.


    ArcFM Mobile Services and Tools Release - June 21, 2017

    ArcFM Sync Service

    • Support for creating and managing replicas from feature services which are federated via Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online.


    Important Notes:

    • Beginning at this version, all management of replicas, redlining, maps, users, etc. should be accomplished using the new ArcFM Solution Center
    • If you are upgrading from a previous version and intend on using Tracing functionality, it is recommended that you recreate your organization's replicas so that you can take full advantage of the new functionality.
    • Configuration of Tasks for the ArcFM Mobile for iPad application must still be accomplished via the online ArcFM Mobile Portal.


    ArcFM Mobile Services and Tools Release - May 12, 2017

    ArcFM Mobile Tools

    • Fixed Microsoft logins no longer working


    ArcFM Mobile Services and Tools Release - December 16, 2016

    ArcFM Mobile Task Services

    • Bug fixes.

    ArcFM Mobile Portal

    • The ArcFM Mobile Portal now allows the administrator to configure Redline Types and Palettes for use in the ArcFM Mobile Windows application.

    ArcFM Sync Service

    • Bug fixes.

    ArcFM Redline Service

    • Configurable so your organization can build custom redlining palettes, optionally including your asset symbology.
    • Full offline support so users can create redlines anytime/anywhere, synced to the enterprise automatically when a connection is available.
    • Workflow support bringing redlines to ArcFM Desktop for processing, and they can be viewed on any ArcGIS Platform app as well!