Overhead Design Analysis 10.2.1d ReadMe

Version 6

    Overhead Design Analysis 10.2.1d Release Contents


    Overhead Design Analysis (OHDA) is a powerful tool that analyzes scenarios to ensure design specifications comply with safety regulations and that structural limitations of materials are not exceeded before any field work is done.


    There is no new OHDA functionality in the 10.2.1d release of ArcFM Solution. OHDA 10.2.1d is provided solely for compatibility with the 10.2.1d suite.



    OHDA 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

    • There were no bug fixes for this product.


    Upgrade Information


    All upgrade information is on exchange.


    Installation Instructions



    • When installing OHDA with ArcMap integration:
      • OHDA 10.2.1d requires a complete upgrade to ArcGIS 10.2.1 or higher. ArcGIS must be upgraded before you upgrade to OHDA 10.2.1d.
    • When installing OHDA standalone:
      • OHDA 10.2.1d does not have any specific ArcGIS version requirements or dependencies.
    • Mixed versions of ArcFM Solution products are not supported on the same machine. When you upgrade to OHDA 10.2.1d, you must upgrade all ArcFM Solution products on that machine to 10.2.1d.
    • Anti-Spyware must be disabled before installation to avoid interference with the installation. They may be restarted after installation is complete.


    Perform the following steps, in sequence, to install OHDA:

    1. Navigate to GIS Downloads.
    2. Double-click the Microsoft installer file for this product.
    3. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.


    Known Issues

    • MM53345 - Export doesn't handle pole height exception.
    • MM53755 - Changing the suspension insulator from Left to Right causes the horizontal offset to change.
    • MM53857 - Insulator forces are not reported in "Shorten cable" scenarios.
    • MM53858 - Transverse wind overloads are not being applied to insulators.
    • MM53859 - Paired insulator loading is inconsistent, depending on line angle.
    • MM53873 - System hangs when using Standoff Forked paired brackets on a vertical assembly.
    • Esri BUG-000096609 - Help - Our context sensitive help opens two tabs in a web browser.




    Schneider Electric no longer ships static help files with each software release. All ArcFM Using and Configuration guides are available in the ArcFM Solution Resource Center. The guides are updated on a regular basis. You can view this information before installing the latest release.