Responder 10.2.1d ReadMe

Version 5

    Responder 10.2.1d Release Contents


    Responder is a GIS hosted, distributed Outage Management System (OMS). Responder focuses on providing the most valuable information to the right people for storm restoration and daily operations, allowing them to make informed decisions.


    New functionality is described in What's New in 10.2.1d.



    Responder 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

    • RX-16913 - Move upstream switching to device tab.
    • CLS-62630 - Sorting not holding setting after restart of the client.
    • CLS-62631 - System.Data.DataRow.GetDefaultRecord() on SecureDownstreamHazards.
    • CLS-62637 - Invalid phasing error on certain workflows.
    • CLS-62642 - Open SO request is not locked after adding to the SO.
    • CLS-62725 - Hazard and No Power calls inconsistently combine.
    • CLS-62729 - ETR Time format logging.
    • CLS-62776 - Responder archive checks for data are in the wrong place.
    • CLS-62792 - Troublemaker scenario creates call-less incidents.
    • CLS-62823 - Region goes to unknown on devices when using the Step Down tool.
    • CLS-62824 - Incidents don't archive without running the Build From History tool.
    • CLS-62980 - Enabling query service causes RX Explorer to throw warning on launch.
    • CLS-62981 - Data services throws miner event log errors that prevent sending of cancel messages by customizations.
    • CLS-63026 - Restored Incidents appearing after Troublemaker run.
    • CLS-63064 - Excessive logging after device OID is changed to invalid value.
    • CLS-63066 - Call submission never arrives when using invalid data.


    Upgrade Information


    All upgrade information is on exchange.


    Installation Instructions



    • Ensure that your hardware and software meet the ArcGIS system requirements.
    • Ensure that your hardware and software meet the ArcFM supported versions. You can search for supported versions on the lower left panel of the GIS Support place.
    • Responder 10.2.1d requires a complete upgrade to ArcGIS 10.2.1. ArcGIS must be upgraded before you upgrade to Responder 10.2.1d.
    • When you upgrade to Responder 10.2.1d, you must upgrade all ArcFM Solution products. Mixed versions of ArcFM Solution products are not supported.
    • Anti-Spyware must be disabled before installation to avoid interference with the installation. They may be restarted after installation is complete.



    • Install the applications in the following order. Installing out of order can cause errors.
      1. Responder Client
      2. Responder Business Server
      3. Responder Web Server
      4. Responder TroubleMaker
    • As of 10.2.1b, Responder Client cannot be installed on the same machine as Fiber Manager due to different .NET dependencies.


    Perform the following steps, in sequence, to install Responder Client, Responder Business Server, Responder Web Server, and Responder TroubleMaker:

    1. Navigate to GIS Downloads.
    2. Double-click the Microsoft installer file for this product.
    3. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.


    Known Issues


    • XY and Join Layers Search/Locate Issue on Map Viewer - Clients who use the Responder Web Map Viewer or Switch Order Request Map cannot use the Search tool on XY Event and Join Layers. These layers are excluded from the drop down of available layers for this tool. We recommend using Query Layers instead of XY layers.
    • XY Layer Identify Issue on Map Viewer - Clients who use the Responder Web Map Viewer and the Identify tool can only use the 'Replace' Selection Management option when XY layers are in the result set. A warning message appears when XY layers are in the result set and any other Selection Management option is chosen. In addition, the Lock tool does not function for rows in XY layers, and no results are returned if identifying on an XY layer that is based on a table rather than a view. We recommend using Query Layers instead of XY layers.
    • Join Layer Wildcard Search Issue on Map Viewer - Clients who use the Responder Web Map Viewer or Switch Order Request map cannot use the LIKE search with Join layers. The LIKE search works for all layers that do not include joins. (ESRI Bug NIM094565)
    • Join Layers Identify Issue on Map Viewer - Clients who use the Responder Web Map Viewer or Switch Order Request map and use the Identify tool on Join layers may notice that the joined table displays all blank fields in the Attribute Viewer. (ESRI Bug NIM092161)
    • Error Message - You may intermittently receive the following exception error message:
      "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index"
      A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft. View the following article and follow the instructions to install the hotfix:
    • User Account Control - Users running a Microsoft Windows operating system utilizing User Account Control (Windows Server 2008, Windows 7) must run the ResponderPubSubViewer application in Windows XP compatibility mode so the application can write to log files. To do this, complete the following steps:
      • Browse to your Responder installation directory and select the Server subfolder.
      • Right-click ResponderPubSubViewer.exe.
      • Select Properties.
      • On the compatibility tab, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows XP.

    For more information on User Account Control and how it interacts with Schneider Electric products, see ArcFM Solution and Windows 7.

    • Switch Order User Interface with RTL Environment - Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5 SP1 has a known issue that causes all drag and drop targets to not be properly mirrored when using a right-to-left flow. This causes incorrect drag and drop feedback to users when dragging items in the Switch Order user interface and Switch Order Library. This issue is expected to be fixed in the .NET Framework 4.0.
    • Web Logon - When using the Responder web for the first time, you can use the Username of administrator with a password of adminpass.
    • Unicode Characters - To support Unicode Characters in your database, you must change all fields with a VARCHAR datatype. In Oracle, you need to change the VARCHAR2 to NVARCHAR2, and in SQL Server, change the VARCHAR to NVARCHAR.
    • Multiple-Database Setups and Direct Connect with SQL Server - Direct connections to a SQL Server database, that have a multiple-database setup, result in Responder services that intermittently throw an error to the event log:
      "System.Exception: Failed to open FeederSpace --> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80041538): Underlying DBMS error"
      There are no side effects of this error, and your services will work as normal.
    • Windows 10 - Windows 10 users will notice less clarity in the grid due to a limitation of the underlying grid technology. (RX-16553)
    • Help - Our context sensitive help opens two tabs in a web browser. (Esri BUG-000096609)


    License Manager


    Responder requires the appropriate licenses before the application can be accessed. Responder has four types of license files:

    • ResponderDataServices - This license is used by the data server (server.exe) on the business server. You can run multiple instances of the data server on a single server using only one license.
    • ResponderDispatcher - This license is used by the client server when the user opens ArcMap with a valid Responder license.
    • ResponderExplorer - This license is used by the client server when the user opens Responder Explorer.
    • ResponderPrediction - This license is used by the prediction engine (prediction.exe) on the business server. You can run multiple instances of the prediction engine on a single server using only one license.




    Schneider Electric no longer ships static help files with each software release. All ArcFM Using and Configuration guides are available in the ArcFM Solution Resource Center. The guides are updated on a regular basis. You can view this information before installing the latest release.