ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1d ReadMe

Version 9

    ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1d Release Contents


    The ArcFM Desktop installer allows you to upgrade ArcFM as well as the Designer, Conduit Manager, and Redliner extensions. Licenses that correspond to the current version are required to run these ArcFM Desktop extensions.


    New functionality is described in What's New in 10.2.1d.





    ArcFM is a powerful collection of tools for managing, modeling, and editing facility and landbase data in an enterprise system.



    • For an Oracle database connection in ArcGIS 10.2.1, use the tns name. For example, use orca.yankees rather than sde:oracle11g:orca.yankees. The longer format leads to inconsistent behavior with regard to login screens. If a stored display has been saved by someone who logged in using the longer format of the login string, connect with only the tns name and save the stored display again.
    • Simple-edge networks require the following configuration for simple edge features:
      • Assign the Feeder Cache Maintenance AU to the On Feature Split event for simple edge features. If there are multiple AUs, the Feeder Cache Maintenance AU should be the last AU assigned.
      • Set Split On Edit to yes for all junction features that connect to simple edges.
    • If you are unable to save stored items in a versioned geodatabase, ArcSDE's MAXBLOBSIZE and MAXBUFSIZE settings may be set too low. Schneider Electric recommends setting these values between 10MB and 20MB. Refer to the ArcFM Solution Online Help for more information on how to change these settings.


    ArcFM 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

    • CLS-56779 - Create Favorites drop down list fails if there is a spatial view in the database.
    • CLS-57165 - Default availability tracing does not match displayed setting.
    • CLS-57933 - Drag and drop from selection tab into favorites results in blank favorites window.
    • CLS-58099 - Custom field editor's custom controls draw on top of the rest of the attribute editor.
    • CLS-58311 - Attribute Editor unlocks fields but does not make dropdown list available.
    • CLS-58462 - Feeder Manager Update Warning Message when there are no Feeder Manager updates.
    • CLS-58751 - Attribute Editor date field displays year with +100 years with date format MMMM-dd-yy.
    • CLS-58771 - Selection tree collapses when an initial graphic is placed on the map after reselecting features or when an edit session is started.
    • CLS-59671 - Clarrification of Gas Trace Barrier description.
    • CLS-60146 - Flow arrows saved as graphics with session on Oracle.
    • CLS-61434 - Using the Attribute Editor shape field editing to rotate an object leaves FeederID null in FM1.
    • CLS-61828 - ArcFM XML Export uses old name for renamed relationship classes.
    • CLS-61975 - Join causing Attribute Editor update to "fail" reverts updated values back to original until you save.
    • CLS-61992 - Point feature labels don't draw properly after placement via Favorite.
    • CLS-62026 - Huge result set on specific Water Valve Isolation Trace.
    • CLS-62140 - Zoom by Locator shows incorrect FM2.0 symbology.
    • CLS-62163 - Downstream trace fails to show selected results on map without Results as Selection on.
    • CLS-62266 - Adding cyclically related object to QA/QC tree via API causes freeze.
    • CLS-62269 - Auto Phase Assign AU consistently crashing ArcMap.
    • CLS-62415 - Error message in FM1 when attempting to delete a de-energized line and a network junction at the same time.
    • CLS-62572 - XY Locator not showing results correctly when multiple coordinate systems are used.
    • CLS-62600 - Attribute Editor editing a numeric field does not allow highlighting part of the number to edit.
    • CLS-62615 - Unable to Localize "System Favorites" string on the Features Tab.
    • CLS-62643 - Mismatch in Trace a Feeder Dialog.
    • CLS-62656 - Can't place two squeeze off markers on the same main edge.
    • CLS-62696 - Data Source Wizard - Set Single Data Source doing nothing.
    • CLS-62748 - Switching Stored Displays in a Session results in wrong SD name in ArcFM toolbar.
    • CLS-62814 - Changing double values in the Attribute Editor does not flag the field as changed.
    • CLS-62846 - Duplicate feeders showing up in the Trace a Feeder tool with.
    • CLS-62847 - ArcFM Disconnect fails with "unable to perform %A Disconnect."
    • CLS-62854 - Export by Feeder geoprocessing tool doesn't properly export subtype information.
    • CLS-63100 - ArcFM Identify tool stops functioning when a map service layer's connection is broken.
    • CLS-63126 - FM1 Configuration not valid in FM2 related to -1 FeederLevel.
    • CLS-63337 - CTL+B causes ArcMap to crash in numeric ArcFM Locator fields.
    • CLS-63458 - ESRI connection dialog popping up multiple times for same connection in the ArcFM Data Source Wizard.
    • CLS-63631 - Table of contents breaking after opening a stored display with Maplex labeling.


    ArcFM Solution Mobile


    The ArcFM Mobile Solution allows utilities to leverage ArcFM and Designer functionality in the field if the appropriate licenses are in place.


    ArcFM Solution Mobile 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

    • There were no bug fixes for this product.


    Conduit Manager and Underground Facilities Manager


    Conduit Manager is an integrated set of tools and dialogs to add, annotate, and maintain the underground infrastructure of the utility network system. The Underground Facility Manager allows you to create and manage underground structures that connect the conduit.


    Conduit Manager and Underground Facilities Manager 10.2.1d contain the following bug fixes:

    • CLS-57534 - ArcFM UFM Conduit Cross Section AU gives error when run from a Python script.
    • CLS-63326 - DuctName field only populates after conduit is updated.




    Designer provides an integrated environment for preparing construction work sketches and job cost estimates. It also provides an automated means to update the baseline corporate GIS database, based on changes to the electrical, gas, and water distribution facilities shown in the work sketch.


    Designer 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

    • CLS-58660 - If a favorite is used in Add Related in the Design tab, the related record does not get added.
    • CLS-59707 - Enable Automatic Tab Activation tab change behavior is incorrect.
    • CLS-60237 - Drag and drop of macro favorites to Design tree is not working.
    • CLS-61977 - Inconsistent CU favorite naming between Send to Design and Send to Targets.
    • CLS-62930 - Update for Design Tree only updates single item.
    • CLS-62956 - Graphics Favorites save dialog appears even though the graphic favorite has been saved.
    • CLS-63065 - Open Express Design for as-built editing subtask always returns false.


    Designer Express


    Designer Express creates a quick construction sketch and cost estimate while relaxing some of the GIS and Accounting principles that can be handled later in the design process.


    Designer Express 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

    • CLS-62736 - Unable to save Page Templates after opening Designs.


      Network Adapter Classic


      Network Adapter Classic provides an interface to export a selected feeder from the geodatabase and import it into a MultiSpeak compliant analysis engine such as Milsoft.


      Network Adapter Classic 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

      • There were no bug fixes for this product.


      Network Adapter Standalone


      Network Adapter Standalone supports exports of network feeders from an ArcFM geodatabase to MultiSpeak and CIM XMLs, allowing import to Schneider Electric DMS, Windmil engineering analysis tool, and other solutions.


      Network Adapter Standalone 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

      • There were no bug fixes for this product.


      Object Reader for ArcMap


      The ArcFM Object Reader provides ArcFM custom geo-objects that allow read-only access to ArcFM data in the geodatabase. Object Reader may be used only with an ArcFM geodatabase and when no other ArcFM Solution Desktop product is installed.


      Object Reader 10.2.1d contains the following bug fixes:

      • There were no bug fixes for this product.


      Upgrade Information


      All upgrade information is available here.


      Installation Instructions



      • Ensure that your hardware and software meet the ArcGIS system requirements.
      • Ensure that your hardware and software meet the ArcFM supported versions. You can search for supported versions on the lower left panel of the GIS Support place.
      • ArcGIS VBA Compatibility is required by ArcFM. You will find the ArcGIS VBA Compatibility installer in your ArcGIS 10.2 media or download folder.
      • ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1d products require a complete upgrade to ArcGIS 10.2.1. ArcGIS must be upgraded before you upgrade to 10.2.1d.
      • ArcFM Solution 10.2.1d requires License Manager version 9.2 or later. You must uninstall all previous versions of License Manager if you wish to use License Manager 10.2.1d.
      • When you upgrade to an ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1d product, you must upgrade all ArcFM Solution products. Mixed versions of ArcFM Solution products are not supported.
      • Anti-Spyware must be disabled before installation to avoid interference with the installation. They may be restarted after installation is complete.


      Perform the following steps, in sequence, to install ArcFM Desktop:

      1. Navigate to GIS Downloads.
      2. Double-click the Microsoft installer file for this product.
      3. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.


      Sample Data


      Sample data is available on the GIS Downloads page.


      Known Issue

      • ArcGIS - The ArcFM Data Source Wizard can experience a memory leak when using SQL Server databases. (Esri Bug NIM080967)
      • ArcGIS - ArcFM Map Book Editor Preview crashes ArcMap when the Bing map from ArcGIS Online is in a stored display.
      • ArcGIS - Moving a WMS layer out of a group layer can lead to a crash when switching stored displays.
      • Conduit Manager - Cannot change alignment of cross section annotation. (MM54332)
      • Conduit Manager - Feeder Manager 2.0 fields cannot be configured to show in cross-section annotation.
      • Feeder Manager 2 - FM2 joins appear to break annotation expressions. This is because annotation expressions are defined in ArcCatalog, where they are defined to reference a field as LABELTEXT. When you add FM2 joins (or any other join) to your map, the field is prepended with information to make it fully qualified, causing ArcCatalog to not recognize the field. A bug has been filed with Esri.
      • Feeder Manager 2 - There is a limitation for any plug-in workspace that is published to ArcGIS. This affects ArcFM Feeder Manager 2 joins. This issue has been fixed only at ArcGIS for Server 10.4.1 and above. (Esri BUG-000095875, Hotfix #HF-000003729)
      • Publishing .MXD's with Feeder Manager 2 - Any customers using FM2 joins that are saved within an MXD or Stored Display will need to remove and re-add the joins before publishing the MXD. Automatic joins will point to the correct FM2 workspace when the map is published and will not have this same issue.
      • File Geodatabase Compression - If you enable the "Compress File Geodatabase" option in Geodatabase Replication, the replica will fail. (Esri Bug)
      • Help - Our context sensitive help opens two tabs in a web browser. (Esri BUG-000096609)
      • Mobile - Using Mobile Sessions and Designs to edit data that causes changes in the Feeder Manager network is not supported. Feeder Manager 2.0 data does not update after replaying mobile sessions, resulting in incorrect Feeder Manager 2.0 data. Applications must be restarted for the changes to appear.
      • Underground Facilities Manager - Error on clicking the blank space in the list in ‘Disassociated Items’ tab in ‘Diagram Manager’. (MM55105)




      Schneider Electric no longer ships static help files with each software release. All ArcFM Using and Configuration guides are available in the ArcFM Solution Resource Center. The guides are updated on a regular basis. You can view this information before installing the latest release.