Solution - ArcFM Mobile - Redline Service URL Warning in regards to GlobalIDs

Version 5



    When adding the feature service to the Redline palette within the ArcFM Mobile Portal, the following warning is displayed:


    "This feature service does not support the ability to apply edits with client-created GlobalIds."





    When a service url is typed in the Redline palette, ArcFM Mobile checks for the following service parameter: "Supports ApplyEdits With Global Ids: true." When this parameter is set to "false," or if this service parameter does not exist, the warning is shown as above.


    To check the parameter, copy the URL in the Redline Palette and paste it in your browser.





    1. If the parameter value is set to false:
    2. If the parameter does not exist:
      • The parameter does not exist within ArcGIS Server 10.3 and 10.3.1. As such, the ArcFM Mobile warning will continue to exist even though GlobalIDs have been configured correctly. However, the Redline functionality is not impacted.