Responder 10.2.1c Patch #3472 Released

Version 1

    All Responder patch installers are cumulative and include all of the previous patches released for Responder at this release. Below are the most recent updates to the Responder 10.2.1c product.  This patch contains all the fixes included in 10.2.1c SP1.


    Bug Fixes:

    • CLS-62725 - Hazard and No Power calls inconsistently combine
    • CLS-62729 - ETR time format logging
    • CLS-62776 - Responder Archive checks for data are in the wrong place
    • CLS-62792 - Troublemaker scenario creates call-less incidents
    • CLS-62823 - Region goes to Unknown on devices when using the Step Down tool
    • CLS-62824 - Incidents don't archive without running the Build From History tool
    • CLS-62947 - Add API change for ESM's customization 'original row' issues
    • CLS-62981 - Data Services throws Miner event log errors that prevent sending of cancel messages by customizations
    • CLS-63023 - Changes related to Submit Rules for Hazards
    • CLS-63026 - Restored incidents appearing after Troublemaker run
    • CLS-63064 - Excessive logging after Device OID is changed to invalid value


    Recommended Users:

    • Any user on Responder 10.2.1c would benefit from this patch.


    Responder 10.2.1c Patch #3472