ArcFM Mobile for Windows Release Notes

Version 13

    Installation Instructions

    After installing the prerequisites as detailed here: GIS - Supported Versions - ArcFM Mobile for Windows, you can install the ArcFM Mobile app for Windows.

    1. Go to ArcFM Mobile for Windows Download.
    2. Click Install to initiate installation.
    3. When the installation is complete, tap the ArcFM Mobile icon to open the app.


    Upgrade Instructions

    The ArcFM Mobile for Windows Application will automatically update once the device upon which it is installed has an internet connection and the application is restarted.  A blue arrow in the upper right corner of the application indicates that an update has been downloaded and will be applied once the application is restarted.


    Note: In version 3.3.0, the ability to control the rollout of automatic upgrades to the ArcFM Mobile for Windows application was introduced.  However, this ability will not take effect until the next version of ArcFM Mobile for Windows is released, meaning that the ArcFM Mobile for Windows application will always automatically update to version 3.3.0.


    ArcFM Mobile 3.5.1 for Windows Release - April 12, 2018

    What's New

    • Fixed a bug that caused ArcFM Mobile for Windows to crash when started from external applications via URL commands.


    ArcFM Mobile 3.5.0 for Windows Release - April 5, 2018

    What's New

    • Support for OpenID Connect Authentication


    Important Notes:

    • This is a required update.  If your organization does not update to this version by June 1, your users may lose the ability to log into the application until the update is completed.
    • Due to the changes in authentication methods, you will have to sign back into ArcFM Mobile after it updates.
    • If your organization has not already upgraded your Sync Service to version 1.3.1, please pin your version of ArcFM Mobile for Windows to 3.4 via the Rollout functionality in the Solution Center until you have completed your Sync Service upgrade.


    ArcFM Mobile 3.4.1 for Windows Release - February 19, 2018

    What's New

    • Electric tracing Logic Enhancements
      • Switchable devices are assessed for open or closed status on each phase
      • Phase designation of the conductor from which the trace is started is respected
      • If a device is set as gang-operated, the trace will execute on all phases
    • Electric traces which involve two-phase conductors render with distinct colors as part of trace results
    • Electric trace performance enhancements


    ArcFM Mobile 3.4.0 for Windows Release - December 11, 2017

    What's New

    • Attribute editing for redline tools
    • Integration hooks that allow the app to be activated from an external application now support displaying specific points and labeling them
    • Bug fixes


    Important Note:

    • To use the new attribute editing for redline tools functionality, your on-premises Redline Service must be upgraded to version 1.2.  Download the most recent version of the on-premises Redline Service here: ArcFM Redlining Service.


    ArcFM Mobile 3.3.0 for Windows Release - September 12, 2017

    What's New

    • Control the rollout of automatic updates to the ArcFM Mobile for Windows application via the ArcFM Solution Center
    • Get turn by turn directions on Windows 10 devices via automatic launch of the Microsoft Maps application
    • Support for Redline Map Services that are federated with Portal for ArcGIS
    • Improved workflow for placing squeeze offs and ignoring valves after doing a Gas isolation trace
    • General UI improvements
    • Bug fixes


    ArcFM Mobile 3.2.0 for Windows Release - June 21, 2017

    What's New

    • Isolation tracing for Electric and Gas networks
    • Configurable searches
    • Bug fixes


    Important Notes:

    • Beginning at this version, all management of replicas, redlining, maps, users, etc. should be accomplished using the new ArcFM Solution Center.  Tracing and Searches can only be configured in the ArcFM Solution Center.
    • If you are upgrading from a previous version and intend on using Tracing functionality, it is recommended that you recreate your organization's replicas so that you can take full advantage of the new functionality.


    ArcFM Mobile 3.1.5 for Windows Release - May 12, 2017

    What's New

    • Fixed issue where Microsoft login page would no longer open


    ArcFM Mobile 3.1.4 for Windows Release - March 29, 2017

    What's New

    • Paging of large number of search results
    • Integration hooks which can allow another application to start ArcFM Mobile and zoom to custom location and/or maps.
    • SAML login option


    ArcFM Mobile 3.1.3 for Windows Release - March 6, 2017

    What's New

    • View text of placed callouts without having to click or tap on the callout
    • Organization name can be seen while logging into the application


    ArcFM Mobile 3.1.2 for Windows Release - December 16, 2016


    What's New

    • All new redlining capabilities!
      • A fast and simple user experience where crews just place redline graphics - no GIS experience or training is required.
      • Configurable so your organization can build custom redlining palettes, optionally including your asset symbology.
      • Full offline support so users can create redlines anytime/anywhere, synced to the enterprise automatically when a connection is available.
      • Workflow support bringing redlines to ArcFM Desktop for processing, and they can be viewed on any ArcGIS Platform app as well!
    • ArcFM Mobile for Windows is now internationalized so it can be translated for cultures other than US English. Note that localization is still required - the app is currently available only in English.
    • ArcFM Mobile for Windows and its downloaded GIS data can now be shared by multiple users on a single laptop, so each user does not need to download the same data.
    • The Identify tool now returns only features selected by the user that are visible at the current extent, preventing unintended large selections when zoomed out.
    • The map view now includes zoom buttons to aid user navigation of the map on devices that do not have mouse and gesture control.


    Known Issues

    • When viewing both online and offline data, duplicate symbology and annotation may be displayed in the map, depending on the scale.
    • Features with relationships of many-to-many cardinality or attributed relationships are not shown as related features in Search and Identify results.
    • If your map services are hosted on ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 SP1 or earlier, the second tier of nested relationships is not visible in Search or Identify results.  To see the second tier of nested relationships while using online data in the mobile application, upgrade your ArcGIS Server to version 10.4 or later.  Currently, nested relationships are not supported when using offline data.
    • Labeling based on ArcGIS Feature Service properties is not displayed properly in ArcMap.  This could impact viewing ArcFM Redlining dimension lines and any other redline features on which labels have been enabled.  To view labels, Schneider recommends configuring your labels and saving in an MXD or ArcFM Stored Display.
    • Transparency settings based on ArcGIS Feature Service properties are not displayed properly in ArcMap.  This could impact viewing ArcFM Redlining highlights, polygons, and any other redline features on which transparency has been enabled.  To view transparency correctly, Schneider recommends configuring your layers' transparency settings and saving in an MXD or ArcFM Stored Display.
    • On touch devices, quickly tapping the map three or more times in a row can cause the application to exit unexpectedly.
    • On Windows 7 touch devices, pop-up text boxes such as those used for the ArcFM Redlining callout and dimension line functionality, can not be selected with a finger tap.  A mouse or stylus must be used.
    • Default values set on a field in ArcCatalog or designated via templates will not be automatically populated when using the redlining with attributes functionality.
    • Labels can disappear when switching between two configured operational maps that are pointed at the same ArcGIS Server map service.
    • Beginning with version 3.5.0, if you attempt to log into ArcFM Mobile as a user that does not have sufficient permissions to use the application, you will need to restart the application before attempting to log in as a different user.