Feeder Provider API Demo - Link 2017

Version 1

    Summary:  Explore my electric network, armed with FM2 derived feeder information.


    Versions: 10.2.1.a and later


    Product Availability: 

    ArcGIS / ArcFM Developer Kit, Server or Desktop products - engine level license or greater

    LinqPad - Unlicensed will work, but paid versions save time.


    How to Implement:

    Open LinqPad.

    Add a connection to your geodatabase in the Connection Explorer Panel.

    Open this linq file.

    Fix assembly references and verify namespace imports in Query->References and Properties.

    Make sure the Language type is set to C# Program.

    Set the query's connection to the geodatabase connection you made in the first step.

    Fix the sdeFile value to point to your geodatabase. 

    Change all the table and field names and the 3 object class IDs at the top of the file to match your geodatabase.

    Use SDE Versioned Views instead of base tables, if desired.

    Click Execute!


    Performance Note:

    This query performs very reasonably on Schneiderville, and after the first run, the FeederInfo values will be

    cached anyway.   For larger networks, you might try paring down the scope of the queries to just a few feeders at first.