FAQ - ArcFM - Viewing and Saving Event Log Details for Troubleshooting

Version 4



    I need to analyze the error log to help troubleshoot a possible ArcFM-related issue. How do I access the event log details and can this information be saved to a file for further analysis?




    The Event Viewer can be used to access information, notifications, and error details related to ArcFM functionality and behavior. To view these events, search for and open the Event Viewer.


    Expand Applications and Services Logs within the Event Viewer tree. Locate and select Miner to view ArcFM-related log details.


    A listing of reported events for ArcFM will be shown within the Viewer window. Select a specific item to access and view additional information about the notification or error.


    To save the information associated with specific messages, hold down Ctrl and select the events of interest. From the main Event Viewer menus, choose Action and Save Selected Events. (Alternatively, you can right-click on the selected events and choose Save Selected Events from the pop-up menu).


    When saving selected events, a number of file formats are available to store or share event information for subsequent analysis. For example, an evtx file can be later imported and used by the Event Viewer to access saved event details. These files can also be uploaded to a discussion thread within exchange to assist with troubleshooting an issue.