Memory Monitor App

Version 12

    Please note: This tool is free to use but unsupported.

    Credit: Tool created by Johnathan Kastner.


    Memory Monitor makes a quick profile of memory use.


    Launch from MemoryMonitor\MemoryMonitor.exe.  In the Target Window Name field, enter at least part of the window name of the application window you want to monitor. The name must be the same case as is shown in its window (e.g. "ArcMap" not "arcmap").




    In the application window (e.g. ArcMap) start a memory-intensive activity.  Back in the Memory Monitor window, click the Check button (e.g. Check ArcMap - the button name changes to show the window being monitored) as often as desired to see the change in memory use.





    Instead of manually clicking the Check button, you can enter the number of checks you want to run in the Iterations field, and the desired gap (in seconds) between each iteration in the Timer field.  When you click Start, the Memory Monitor will take a reading, then wait the number of seconds specified in the Timer field, then take another reading, until it has taken the number of readings you entered in the Iterations field.


    You are also able to type into the readout area in order to add your own notes.





    To save your readout to a log file, click the Log all memory checks to an output file button BEFORE you begin taking measurements.




    The output file is MemoryMonitor\MemoryLog.csv.