Solution - ArcFM Services - ArcFM Server does not recognize ArcFM Services license

Version 2



    This problem exists in ArcFM Server 10.2.1c SP1 only. Both ArcFM Web and Wavepoint could be affected by this problem. The problem is encountered when running the "Miner.Server.LicenseServer" application. When the application is pointed to a License Server that contains only ArcFM Services licenses, an error is returned by the application:

    "The license server is invalid or there is no available license."





    This is the result of a bug (CLS-61937) and is fixed in ArcFM Server 10.2.1d.





    Despite the error being displayed, the license service is actually set correctly through the application. Verify this using the following steps:

    1. Open regedit (Registry Editor) and navigate to:
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Miner and Miner/License Management 9
    2. Ensure that the correct License Server is displayed for the "LicenseServer" parameter.
    3. Start a service with the ArcFM Capability and verify the ArcFM Services license is used.