How-To - Connect to database using Windows authentication with Network Adapter

Version 2



    This solution applies to the stand-alone version of the Network Adapter tool (NetworkAdapter.exe); this article is not relevant to the toolbar versions of Network Adapter.


    In order to use Windows authentication to connect to the GIS database, rather than database authentication, change the connection string in the file "NetworkAdapter.exe.config" to remove the User and Password attributes, and replace them with an Authentication_Mode attribute set to the value "OSA". For example, change this:


    <SdeElement Server="" Instance="\SQLEXPR110"  User="arcfm" Password="*#Kk%(RJcJBiLokdw=" Database="Minerville1">


    To this:


    <SdeElement Server="" Instance="\SQLEXPR110" Database="Minerville1" Authentication_Mode="OSA">