Solution - Responder - Data Validation Tool Crashes on Startup

Version 2



    The Responder Data Validation tool runs on its own directly from the Responder\Server folder. Upon launching it on current operating systems, it may crash right away from a kernel32 error being recorded in the Windows Application Event log.





    The tool attempts to create a Responder\Server\Results folder, which violates the security of working inside the program files directory built into some operating systems, causing it to crash. If you choose the option Run as Administrator in the tool, it will successfully start and begin the test. However, in this mode the test will run extremely slowly when compared to similar runs of the same data. This is observed more often with Windows 10 operating systems.





    Schneider Electric plans to research this further as time permits; but the temporary workaround at this time is to run the tool on a Windows 7 test system, if available.