How To - ArcFM Mobile - How to find the Service Bus Connection String for the Redline Service

Version 4



    This document is intended for customers who already have ArcFM Mobile Sync Services configured.

    If you do not have this configured, please contact GIS Support and log a case to request the Service Bus Connection string specific for your organization.


    If ArcFM Mobile Sync Services are configured, please follow these steps to configure your Redline Service without contacting ArcFM Mobile Support.

    1. Open the Sync Service web.config file, located here: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ArcFM.Mobile.SyncService\.
    2. Copy the current Service Bus Connection string:

      <add key="Microsoft.ServiceBus.ConnectionString" value="xxxxx" /> and should start with: "Endpoint=sb://..."

    3. Open the Redline Service SE.Geospatial.Redlining.WinService.exe.config file located here: C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ArcFM.Mobile.RedliningService\.
    4. Paste the entire string "Endpoint=sb://..." into <add key="Microsoft.ServiceBus.ConnectionString" value="xxxxx" />.


    In conclusion, the Service Bus String is identical for both services due to each tenant having only one Service Bus.