Solution - ArcFM - ArcFM causes slow ArcMap launch

Version 4



    This particular slow performance behavior is only seen if 10.2.1a SP1, 10.2.1b, 10.2.1b SP1, 10.2.1b SP2, 10.2.1c, or 10.2.1c SP1 is implemented. ArcFM Desktop or ArcFM Object Reader (32bit) could both show this particular slow start.


    When starting ArcMap, it could take one minute or longer to display the ArcFM splash screen, or when starting ArcMap in general, if the Object Reader is implemented. The ArcMap splash screen will show Loading Document for most of the duration. Furthermore, the cursor could change icons.


    To determine if this problem is impacting a given server, you can verify by unchecking the following item in the Internet Security Settings:


    Once completed, restart ArcMap and see if the slow start is still present.

    • If so, there might be another issue resulting in the slow start of ArcMap. In that case, please submit a Support Case here: GIS Support
    • If not, please review the solution.





    Starting at ArcFM Solution 10.2.1a SP1, and for additional security, all the .dlls, .msis, .msps, and .exes, etc., have been signed using Symantec Authenticode. This means that certain network connectivity is required to validate any certificate. This validation is accomplished through two Microsoft URLs:


    If these URLs cannot be reached from the given machine, the slow start of ArcMap is invoked.





    The URLs mentioned above have to be accessible through the firewall / network from the installed machine in order to mitigate the problem.


    Further information can be found here:



    Installing Object Reader on a disconnected machine does not always reproduce this problem. However, if it does, it is most likely due to the given cause.