Solution - ArcFM - Delete error "Failed to delete relationships for object" ORA-01779 cannot modify a column that maps to a non-key-preserved table

Version 6



    Attempting to delete a feature results in the following error.



    The features could not be deleted.

    Failed to delete relationships for object [ARCFM.Service]

    Underlying DBMS error [ORA:01779: cannot modify a column which maps to

    a non key-preserved table]


    The field is not nullable





    ESRI does not permit a relationship class that includes an Oracle/SQL View consisting of more than one table. ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 and older versions did not prevent such a relationship from being created. But the result is a delete relationships error attempting to delete a feature instance. In this example, an editor attempted to delete a Service feature class. The Service feature class has a relationship to an Oracle View consisting of multiple tables.





    The relationship in question needs to be removed and an ESRI-supported relationship class created as needed. For more information, please contact ESRI Support.