Tips & Tricks: Creating Custom Trace Workflows

Version 5

    The following are Tips & Tricks to help create your own customized trace workflows.

    1. ArcFM Electric, Water, and Gas trace activities can be found in the Activities panel when you open up Geocortex Workflow Designer.


    1. Using the ElectricTraceActivity will allow you to perform the following types of traces:
      • Upstream

      • Downstream

      • Next upstream protective device

      • Upstream protective device

      • Downstream protective device

      • Protective device isolation electric traces

    2. Use the WaterTraceActivity to perform cathodic protection and valve isolation water traces.
    3. The GasTraceActivity is used to perform cathodic protection, pressure system and valve isolation gas traces.
    4. Set the Map Service Id and Layer Id arguments in the SelectFeatures activity to allow trace results to resolve coded value domains.
    5. Use the Combine Mode argument in the SelectFeatures activity to combine specified features with existing features after performing a trace or to clear trace results before initiating a new trace.
    6. Use the ConfigureWorkflowContainer to setup display activities such as a Loading message between activities in a workflow.
    7. Users can use the ESRI.Result parameters available out of the box or the Schneider Electric assemblies listed below to perform query operations on trace results:
      • Se.ArcGis.Driver.dll:  This assembly contains the base serialization classes and HTTP handler code necessary to consume an ESRI Feature Service.  This is necessary due to licensing constraints ESRI places on their client software.  The serialization classes in this assembly are structurally identical to the native ESRI classes.
      • SE.ArcFM.Driver.Tracing.dll:  This assembly contains additional logic to extend the above assembly's capabilities to include the consumption of the tracing SOE.