Solution - ArcFM - Snapping Manager not respecting snapping properties for a feature class

Version 2



    Snapping properties for a feature class are configured in ArcFM Snapping Manager but not being respected. Accessing ArcFM Snapping Manager (from ArcCatalog) and modifying properties result in changes not being saved. No actual errors are reported.



    Can occur if Snapping Properties are imported from another database and not all the feature classes are the same. Might get problems with Annotation feature classes.




    In ArcCatalog view the MM_SNAPPING table. Find any records where the problem feature class exists. This includes references in fields Feature_class, Subtype, and Snap_to_feature_class. The following is a screenshot from the MM_Snapping table in our sample Minerville data.



    From Oracle or SQL Server delete the records in question. Make note of what Snapping properties will need to be re-created.


    ArcFM Snapping Manager allows classic snapping settings to persist. Class snapping is enabled from the Editor pull-down menu > Options > General tab. ArcFM Snapping Manager does not work with ESRI's Snapping toolbar.