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    ArcFM Web 4.6.2 Release Contents


    ArcFM Web is built on HTML5 and JavaScript. This modern web technology has great cross-platform capabilities, allowing ArcFM Web to work on all major devices and browsers. For most customers, ArcFM Web can be a replacement for your current ArcFM Silverlight web viewer.


    New functionality is described in What's New in ArcFM Web 4.6.2.



    The following are the bug fixes in ArcFM Web 4.6.2:

    • Tracing - ESS-414: Modify trace button tooltips to be more descriptive.
    • Tracing - ESS-415: Display an alert when maximum trace result limit has been reached and results are incomplete.
    • Tracing - ESS-417: Display an alert if tracing property is not applied or layer is not visible when trying to perform a trace.
    • REST API - CORE-2058: Save project and other document store functions are disabled when a user's identity contains more than 1024 claims
    • REST API - GE-7852: Incorrect field typing of certain uploaded layers prevents global search from working
    • REST API - GE-7919: Unnecessary warning appear in logs when users sign in with Windows forms
    • REST API - GE-8107: Markup prints incorrectly when the server's culture uses a comma as decimal separator
    • Manager - GE-8476: Unable to view permissions page when Active Directory returns a unexpected SID values
    • Manager - GE-6319: Inconsistent capitalization on tooltips
    • Manager - GE-7618: Offline Basemap Wizard fails when you configure an HTTP URL for the export tiles service and Manager is running over HTTPS
    • Manager - GE-7767: Inaccurate message when creating a new viewer
    • Manager - GE-7801: Offline Wizard fails if the user does not select a method on the first panel
    • Manager - GE-7937: Offline maps loading image disappears too early
    • Manager - GE-7982: Debug logging messages appear in console when assigning permissions
    • Manager - GE-7986: Offline maps page should target index.html rather than rely on IIS’s default document
    • Manager - GE-7987: Improve wording when deleting an instant search index
    • Manager - GE-8086: Document Store page is not translatable
    • Manager - GE-8114: Copying a site does not preserve the site in a saved state
    • Manager - GE-8120: The Global Unique ID should not be applied to multiple sites
    • Manager - GE-8124: Time format is not correct in Functional tab
    • Manager - GE-8130: Content in the Functional tab is not properly formatted
    • Manager - GE-8158: Error when loading the Functional tab of a table-based feature layer
    • Manager - GE-8219: Cannot upload data due to Blob Store being unavailable
    • Installer - GE-6732: “Insufficient privileges” error on \REST\bin folder when upgrading
    • Installer - GE-7820: Improve message that describes upgrades of existing instances
    • Installer - GE-8247: Install fails to complete during security store install component of the POST install
    • Identity Server - GE-8143: Incorrect nl-NL translation of UnauthorizedAuthenticatedUser message
    • Workflow - GE-8044: Definition argument of the Get Layer Definition activity listed in the incorrect category
    • Core - CORE-2219: Instant search scan fails if tokenUrl is not provided for token secured services
    • Core - CORE-2384: Document Store Watcher doesn’t start in certain clustered environments
    • Core - CORE-2387: Elasticsearch writes fail – String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
    • Core - CORE-2422: Elasticsearch transaction logs can accumulate
    • Core - CORE-2424: Cryptographic exception prevents the message queue from working
    • Core - CORE-2426: Instant search fails to index services shared by multiple Essentials instances following an upgrade from Core 2.x
    • Core - CORE-2434: Document store fails to start when Elasticsearch is slow to initialize
    • Core - CORE-2440: Instant search error indicating that “uri is empty” when starting scan job
    • Core - CORE-2475: Document Store unavailable following server restart due to excessive mappings in geocortex.internal.messagequeue
    • Core - CORE-2480: Inconsistent behavior when starting Core service
    • Core - CORE-2506: Elasticsearch index corruption on update of Geocortex
    • Core - CORE-2518: No results for Instant Search when map in RD_New with Proj.4 library
    • Core - CORE-2628: “Access denied” file permission error on Document Store folder during upgrade
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-3026 Implement Layer Addition using Service Discovery Interface
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-6004 Legend items are displayed with incorrect sizes
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-8109 In the “Create New Feature” template picker, the line features icon is identical to the polygon icon
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9908 Responses from image services are parsed incorrectly, resulting in no feature details
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10255 Text entered into the “Notes” field in the “Print Map” view appears from right to left
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10559 Save and Restore project state for Layer Addition feature
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10646 Identify operation generates type errors (“Cannot read property ‘query’ of undefined”)
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10807 Layer excluded from layer list is visible after loading project
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10836 Cancel button in upload data is cut off in Android phone
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10855 Layer lists without any theme configuration may display an empty folder
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11009 Time-aware sliders cannot be saved in a project
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11139 Layer Catalog – Implement “remove” functionality for Assembly Provider
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11155 Layer catalog and user added layers do not respect symbol transparency
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11164 Edit Geometry not functioning for feature layers added via Layer Addition
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11176 Cannot remove a catalog layer from the map until all layers in the folder are removed
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11243 Bookmarks widget popup covered when using the footer module
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11291 Some borders missing in legend list on iOS handheld
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11388 When identifying a raster and in the tabular view, some headers are not associated with the correct field
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11429 Save Open Project for Assembly Provider
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11441 User added layer not displayed correctly in layer list in SDK samples
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11447 Cannot Change Time Slider Start/End Point if Clicking Directly on a Line
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11449 Layer Catalog creating UserAddedLayers Folder
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11453 Label for button that hides the Time Slider is misleading
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11455 Cannot change extent by clicking left side of Time Slider in “cumulative from start” mode
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11457 Restoring tiled or image service does not work with layer catalog Save Open Project
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11463 Removing a layer from a folder while adding one from its sub-folder creates two linked transparency sliders
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11479 Time Slider scale is visible behind blue bar after expanding tabbed toolbar in Chrome
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11497 Unable to use Time Slider in an offline environment
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11516 Cannot load attachments for feature services layers added from layer catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11532 Related data missing in Feature Details for layers added from layer catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11534 Basemap folder icons in layer list appear at wrong location
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11537 Viewer does not pan or zoom to a related record when clicked
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11545 Layer Catalog – implement some changes needed for "RemoveUserAddedLayer"
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11546 Layer Catalog – empty user added layers folder is recovered while opening saved project
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11556 Layer Catalog – change esri.layers.ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer._img exists to hit a different dynamic map service
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11618 Cannot identify Upload Data
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11621 QuickStart configuration is out of date
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11624 Show site's rest endpoint in viewer log
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11639 Layer Catalog – Assembly Provider has multiple ways to check/uncheck from layer list
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11641 Callout map tips show content (rather than title) in title field
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11643 All layers turn visible when adding/removing a layer with Layer Catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11645 Moving end-time handle causes start-time handle to move (Handheld)
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11651 Time slider handle misbehaves when "Time Instant" mode is set GVH-11653 Layer Catalog – layer disappears from map while adding another layer from layer catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11660 “Place User Added Layer Here” folder remains invisible until layer added from Layer Catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11664 Cannot Edit Multi Point Feature
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11669 Type errors ("Cannot read property 'isCodedValueDomain' of undefined") are generated when adding layers via layer catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11671 Time Slider – cannot access parts of UI in landscape mode on Handheld Android devices
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11675 Time Slider – styling issues with labels
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11695 Add help link for Measurement page in Management Pack
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11696 Layers from Layer Catalog that are not contained in folders do not get removed from layer list
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11700 Remove "smartOrderUserAddedLayers" and "insertPosition" from LayerAdditionViewModel configuration
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11701 Add a UserLayerType property to services and layers added at runtime
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11708 Layer Catalog – Remove configuration check for smart ordering
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11711 Layer Catalog – Layer list check/uncheck is reset when adding layers from layer catalog seed site provider
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11724 Date picker keyboard support
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11727 SDK sample does not navigate correctly after external webpage opened in iframe
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11729 Update time slider setting tab icon
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11732 Layer Catalog type error in initializing layer: “Unable to draw graphic (geometry:null, symbol:null): Cannot read property 'parent' of undefined”
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11740 Create a language string for Layer Addition Unsupported WKID error
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11743 Layer Addition – color of success message
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11753 SDK Samples: Add Layer example broken
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11755 Time slider still displayed on the map when loading a saved project without time slider profile
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11759 Time slider handles are not screen reader-friendly
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11769 Cannot delete DateTime in an Edit Feature Session
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11777 "Write to Drawing Layer" is not aligned to checkbox
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11779 Base map layer legend is not aligned properly in FireFox
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11792 Time slider handles do not work when screen readers enabled
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11814 Layer Catalog Assembly Provider – spaces in URL of essentials layer
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11828 Save Results – “Currently Open” text on the same line as results name
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11830 Secured geocoding service does not pass token in URL for Reverse Geocodes
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11835 Null check needed when getting default renderers in case a cluster layer data source has gone missing.
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11842 Dynamic Symbolization – search extent does not increase if initial query returns no results
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11849 Modify MapTextProvider to include map time extent description
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11856 Smart ordering causes assembly provider layer catalog pre-added layers to be ignored
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11863 Fields used to make subtypes claim to have coded domains even when they do not, causing symbolization to fail
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11865 Failed service icon appears under layer name in layer list (Firefox)
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11869 Long layer name overlaps with transparency slider in handheld
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11875 Layer Addition – error When Adding WMS Services in IE
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11889 Layer Catalog – whole layer catalog tree structure is removed while removing a layer in presence of other layer catalog layers
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11899 Highlights on map do not update if layer renderer changes GVH-11927 Layer Catalog – error when removing vector tile service
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11931 Load saved project does not function correctly
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11941 Unique Value renderer fails mysteriously in Chrome
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11945 Time extent does not disappear when set to “time instant” mode
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11948 Layer Catalog – permissions not being properly applied
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11953 Include LabelLayer.js in Esri scripts GVH-11958 Identify does not work for WMS services added from Layer Catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11964 Layer Visualization will not reset to default using Layer Catalog with dynamic layers
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11972 Legend is not retrieved if a Dynamic map service URL does not end with "/Mapserver"
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11974 Workflow date picker remembers the last selected date even after clearing the date field
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11978 Identify does not work for WMS services that do not support the "Query" operation
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-11986 Layer catalog does not support secured map service with token security
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12017 Uploaded data does not appear in results list/table when loading the saved project
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12024 Layer Addition – feature layers from ArcGIS Online cannot be saved and restored correctly via save project
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12028 Upgrading to GVH 2.7 resets the Analytics Client Relay to the default
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12034 Changing Opacity in "Set Map Service Property" activity does not have any effect on map service
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12054 Folder icon changes its position after upgrade GVH 2.6.1 to 2.7
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12062 Unable to run report on layers added via Layer Catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12086 Related features/tables not working with Layer Catalog GVH-12088 Data links do not work with Layer Catalog
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12124 Cannot resymbolize labels if original label has no halo
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12146 Changing text of Input Scale 'GO' button results in its wrapping below
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12175 Global search results from Bing Geocoder do not have a display name
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12206 Query does not highlight feature services that are re-projected
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12233 Bookmarks list can be covered by the footer module
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-12243 Can’t identify a WMS backed by a WFS containing raster features
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-5525 Allow viewer command links in the home panel to be made WCAGcompliant
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-6955 Map tips won't show resolved coded value domain when one feature is selected
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-7552 Change title of view from “Create a feature” to “Create New Feature”
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-7947 Some requests to WMS service are not being sent through configured proxy page
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-8747 Accessibility icon background does not respect banner background color
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-8844 If the I Want To Menu contains no items, it displays poorly
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-8900 Some graphical elements do not have adequate contrast
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9178 The Printing module fails to print correct layers if the map scale differs from the print scale
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9351 For Android tablets, items in the Saved Selection results view are missing their bottom borders
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9386 For the Tablet shell, items in the I Want To Menu are missing their separating borders
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9462 In the Offline Maps manager, a long name string will overlap the edit box
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9653 Share Project styling
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9710 The Upload Data module is retaining Custom WKID field information for subsequent upload calls
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9752 The measurement unit dropdown tool is not centered in the tabbed toolbar
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-9918 Legend label wraps in the Layer List
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10025 Feature results remain in results list after feature’s uploaded layer is removed
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10059 Upload Data dialog styling
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10091 Make infrastructure.taskUtils.getQueryTaskUrl method backwardscompatible for GVH 2.5
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10112 The Offline Maps UI is inconsistent with the rest of the viewer
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10223 Unable to open Scale Input Box using keyboard controls in IE11 and Firefox
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10272 IE 10 and 11 don't trust URLs that are on the whitelist
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10318 The GetLayerInfoByProperty does not work for table layers
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10350 If user edits/deletes a feature more than once, the Saved Result view does not update properly
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10354 If a URL is added to the viewerConfig object in the Index.html file, the splash screen will not appear
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10380 Upgrading to GVH 2.6 breaks Insight client relay
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10390 Letters are chopped from search text when using Instant Search if the search string contains both letters and numbers
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10401 The Map's WKID is appended to "Map's Current" option in spatial reference dropdown every time Table Mapping Details dialogue is displayed
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10408 When the chart view closes, highlights remain visible
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10457 Hyperlinks built with replacement tokens do not work if content contains curly braces
    • HTML5 Viewer 2.7.1 - GVH-10473 Cannot hide labels on the y-axis of a scatterplot chart


    Upgrade Information


    Upgrade information is in the ArcFM Web 4.6.2 Installation and Configuration Guide.


    Installation Instructions


    Installation information is in the ArcFM Web 4.6.2 Installation and Configuration Guide.


    Known Issues


    To view ArcFM Web 4.6.2 known issues, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Geocortex Support Center.
    2. If you do not already have an account, request an account to allow you access.
    3. Select the Geocortex Essentials link in the upper right corner.
    4. Use the search functionality to find "Essentials 4.6.2 Known Issues."




    ArcFM Web 4.6.2 Installation and Configuration Guide

    Geocortex Essentials Installation Guide

    Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.7.1 Administrator and Developer Guide