Solution - Designer - Oracle Tablespace Errors Prevent Login and Saving of Edits

Version 10



    Various errors occur when logging in to ArcFM or saving a design in Designer or Designer Express. Similar errors may occur in other ArcFM products. For example:


    This error occurs when logging in to ArcFM:



    This error occurs when saving a Designer Express design:






    These errors are due to the SDE tablespace in the Oracle database being set to a fixed size and not being extendable. As data is inserted into the tables in this tablespace over time, the tablespace will become full and not allow further inserts.




    In cases where the exact error isn't displayed, like in the Database IO Error example above, an Oracle trace can be run to capture any tablespace errors that are occurring. In the Database IO Error case, this error was in the Oracle trace:

    ORA-01653: unable to extend table SDE.PROCESS_INFORMATION by 128 in tablespace SDE


    Once the tablespace error is identified, an Oracle database administrator can run alter database commands to resize the data file for the SDE tablespace. AUTOEXTEND can also be set to ON, and MAXSIZE adjusted if appropriate for your site. Consult with the Oracle database administrator for these changes.


    It is also recommended that the Oracle database be monitored as a regular part of database administration to detect tablespace issues before they cause errors in ArcFM. This is especially important after merging data from external sources, or when a large amount of ongoing editing is happening.