How To - Responder - Enable Prediction Threshold Logging

Version 3

    Prediction uses mathematical thresholds to determine whether it should predict further upstream or remain at the current level. Logging of this is at the informational level but can be enabled to help determine what Responder is seeing.


    How To:


    After creating a backup of the file prior to editing, you can enable logging by modifying Miner.Responder.PredictionServices.exe, which is located in the \\Responder\Server folder.


    In the file, there are several sections for logging different aspects of the prediction service. The highlighted ones below need to be changed to a DEBUG level.



    If those entries are no longer in the file, you should add the six lines above. Having these settings set higher while all other level values remain at WARN will make it easier to find the entries requested, without additional logging that may not be needed.


    The following are examples of items that these settings can log:


    • 2016-11-29 13:11:06,056 [Rx COM STA] INFO  Miner.Responder.Processors.Prediction [(null)] - List of elements: LP  [O=34228][EID=69324][P=ABC],Xfr [O=10063][EID=69306][P=C],Fus [O=3380][EID=69305][P=ABC],Swi [O=2730][EID=69321][P=C],Fus [O=3119][EID=63648][P=ABC],Swi [O=4429][EID=63624][P=ABC],Swi [O=2489][EID=63635][P=ABC],Swi [O=2488][EID=63629][P=ABC],Swi [O=2875][EID=63590][P=ABC],Swi [O=2876][EID=63587][P=ABC],Swi [O=2874][EID=63553][P=ABC],Swi [O=2873][EID=63545][P=ABC],Swi [O=3127][EID=63504][P=ABC],Swi [O=3126][EID=63499][P=ABC],Swi [O=3011][EID=63403][P=ABC],Swi [O=3015][EID=63408][P=ABC],Swi [O=4470][EID=63415][P=ABC],Swi [O=3087][EID=63202][P=ABC],Swi [O=3085][EID=63226][P=ABC],Swi [O=3084][EID=63235][P=ABC],Swi [O=2997][EID=58731][P=ABC],Swi [O=2996][EID=58724][P=ABC],Swi [O=3002][EID=58675][P=ABC],Swi [O=2994][EID=58623][P=ABC],Swi [O=3122][EID=53357][P=ABC],Swi [O=3123][EID=53350][P=ABC],Swi [O=2941][EID=53311][P=ABC],Swi [O=2940][EID=53307][P=ABC],Swi [O=2954][EID=53239][P=ABC],Swi [O=2955][EID=53227][P=ABC],Swi [O=2949][EID=53150][P=ABC],Swi [O=2948][EID=53142][P=ABC],Swi [O=2942][EID=53130][P=ABC],Swi [O=2943][EID=53125][P=ABC],Src [O=27][EID=53103][P=ABC]
    • 2016-11-29 13:11:06,247 [Rx COM STA] DEBUG Miner.Responder.Processors.Prediction [(null)] - Prediction: Immediate child outage ratio for test device [FCID=546][OID=10063][EID=69306] is 0.3333333
    • 2016-11-29 13:11:06,271 [Rx COM STA] DEBUG Miner.Responder.Processors.Prediction [(null)] - Prediction: Test device [FCID=546][OID=10063][EID=69306] callThresholdPassed:False immediateChildThresholdPassed:False on Phase:C