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    Time is running out! Make the move to ArcFM WebPerspectives on the new Esri Utility Network
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    In the news: GIS Café interview with Matt Crooks


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    Make plans NOW to attend Link2017


    Link-lg.jpgLink 2017 gathers together utility professionals from around the world to build knowledge, explore new solutions and techniques, and exchange best business practices. It's fast approaching, so register now!

    The theme of this year's event is Transforming Vision to Reality. There's a lot of excitement around upcoming changes, including Esri's Utility Network and the continued evolution of ArcFM. We are helping to transform this vision to reality by building the next generation of ArcFM to present your network in the right way, deliver the best quality data, ensure work gets done faster and integrate with other systems.

    NEW this year!! We heard loud and clear that you wanted more training sessions and more hands-on opportunities to maximize your solutions. We're thrilled to announce a new Training Track at Link 2017!

    At Link 2017, you, your peers and our teams will explore what's coming and how the new solutions and expectations will be put to work!


    Talk with peers, partners and Schneider Electrical experts to learn and maximize your solutions.


    Get hands-on training, discover ways to increase productivity and explore the tools designed specifically for utility and communication providers.


    Gain valuable insights to empower your business, your employees and your bottom line.

    Whether you are an electric, gas, water utility or communication provider, Link 2017 is the place to learn and maximize your ArcFM solutions for business success!


    Transforming Vision to Reality

      Engage. Experience. Empower

    February 27-March 2


    Loveland, Colorado



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    Time is running out! Make the move from Silverlight to HTML5 with ArcFM Web

    time-lg.jpgMost browsers no longer support Silverlight, which means you'll need to make the move to HTML5 – the current standard for web development. Time is running out, and NOW is the time to move to ArcFM Web, a powerful industry alternative to ArcFM for Silverlight!


    Extend GIS capabilities across your organization to maximize your investment with our lightweight ArcFM Web application.  HTML5/JavaScript-based, it ensures that your users can access the data they need anytime, anywhere, using any device!  Our ArcFM Web solution helps you share valuable data with more people in your organization with little or no programing, ensuring informed, efficient decisions through multiple departments.


    ArcFM Web offers several important capabilities to help support smarter decisions and operations across your utility's enterprise:


    Intuitive, fluid interaction – the clean, beautifully designed viewer employees HTML5/JavaScript technology for effortless user interaction with your utility's data.  It also transforms the design, development, maintenance, and accessibility of your applications.
    Improved workflows – the workflow-centric design allows your administrators to model and automate everyday GIS-related business processes, which your users can follow through simple, step-by-step interactions.
    Easy charting – support a better understanding of your data through visualization.  Your administrators can configure your utility data to display bar, pie, or line charts to help users discover patterns and the nature of the data they are viewing
    And much more!


    Ready to make the move? Get up and running quickly with our ArcFM Web Jumpstart program which offers a basic implementation and additional services to help you make the transition!



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    Customer spotlight: El Paso simplifies and expands use of GIS data with ArcFM Web

    ElPaso-lg.jpgData isn't helpful if it's not accessible throughout your enterprise.


    With ArcFM Web, organizations like El Paso Electric have a powerful and configurable solution that extends GIS capabilities across the organization. Users, regardless of programming experience, can access the data they need anytime, anywhere and using any device to make more efficient and informed business decisions.


    "ArcFM Web really takes the complexity out of the equation," said Abdiel Quezada, GIS System Administrator at El Paso Electric. "It gives us the simplicity and elegance of a one-stop shop solution."


    Click the link below to learn more about how El Paso Electric leverages the intuitive ArcFM Web to transform the design, development, maintenance and accessibility of its GIS applications




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    In the news: GIS Cafe video interview with Matt Crooks


    MattCrooks-lg.jpgOur very own Matt Crooks explains what's new for ArcFM products and what we can expect with the exciting new developments for ArcFM Mobile.





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    Join us on LinkedIn!

    LinkedIn-lg.jpgTo extend the great conversations that take place at events – and to keep you better updated on the latest industry happenings and ArcFM news – we've created the Schneider Electric Geospatial Group on LinkedIn!


    Customers, partners, Schneider Electric and industry experts can rely on this forum for lively discussion and to stay up to date on key transitions and trends. Come learn and discuss what the ArcFM Solution can do you and your utility.



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    Staring down the elephant: The new Esri Utility Network

    By Darren Payne, Manager - Geospatial Professional Services

    elephant-lg.jpgThere was an elephant in the room at GeoConX and he represents dramatic change in the world of utility GIS: the new Esri Utility Network.


    Let's admit it: Most of us have a tough time with change. At first we might be curious, but then we get overwhelmed when we learn what it takes to adopt the change. Then gradually we see the benefits and how the early adopters are succeeding, and we decide to face the change head-on. Eventually we look back and wonder what all the fuss was about - life is better now!


    I'm certain this will be the case with the Esri Utility Network.


    The rationale behind the new network is solid; the Geometric Network is over 20 years old. The world is very different now compared with when the network was designed and implemented. If the GIS must be boundless, the network must be too.


    Here are several business benefits I believe the new Utility Network will bring:


    ArcFM Solution ready-to-deploy maps and apps:


    Simpler integrations: With the System of Record modeled for the real-world, integration to ADMS and other engineering analysis engines are simplified. If the network model in the GIS is already CIM compliant, with terminals, windings and such modeled inside the “container,” transporting that model (and data) to another application becomes much easier.
    Asset management: I have always considered a transformer to be an asset in and of itself, but from an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) perspective, the bushings can be treated as individual assets with their own maintenance and replacement business processes. The componentized model, closer to real-life, allows for a one-to-one connection between the asset in your GIS and the asset in your EAM.
    Future demands on the GIS: The new Utility Network more closely represents the real-world by ensuring its technology remains current and supportive of business needs during rapid change. For example, consider the introduction of big-data analytics engines that interrogate and provide unprecedented insight. The new network opens up a realm of GIS-hosted apps, dependent on that network and in the boundless fashion that the new Esri architecture enables.


    What about the GIS users? Whether it's interrogating the network model through traces and searches, or working with it from an editing perspective, ArcFM XI will do the heavy lifting. The end users' interaction with the model will be simple and efficient, clearing the way for them to complete the same tasks within the GIS but with improved functional efficiency and better performance.


    The elephant that is the Esri Utility Network should not be underestimated from a change perspective. Effective change management is key, but for all the reasons cited above, embarking on this new and exciting path will pay off.



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    Tips and tricks: Composite favorite settings


    Do you know there's a Tips & Tricks page on exchange, where we walk you through a helpful ArcFM task each month?
    ArcFM Composite Favorites allow you to sketch multiple features—including related objects and pre-set attribute values—in just one or two clicks.


    As you build your system's favorite library, here is an example from our full list of Tips and Tricks to help take advantage of these settings and make your Composite Favorites as helpful as possible!


    Change the feature creation order to support sharing information.


    When you sketch one feature (e.g. a valve), ArcFM is often configured to detect a property of another existing feature (e.g. the diameter of the pipe to which it is snapped) and uses that value in some way (e.g. to set the valve's Diameter attribute).
    These automated behaviors are dependent upon the features being sketched in the right order (the pipe must exist before the valve).  If both of those features are created by your Composite Favorite, then use the up and down arrows at the top of the Create Composite Favorite window or Edit Composite Favorite window to change the feature order until the features that should be created first are above the features that should be created later.


    Note that the first feature sketched does not have to be the feature with the snapping rules that control the favorite, nor the feature with the X anchor.


    Click below to read all of the Tips and Tricks for Composite Favorite Settings!



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