FAQ - ArcFM - Ensure Created Bookmarks are Retained for Subsequent Use

Version 7



    After creating a number of bookmarks to assist with ArcFM editing, when ArcFM is closed and reopened, the bookmarks are missing. What is required to have my bookmarks persist?




    Bookmarks provide an easy way to quickly navigate or zoom to a particular area of the map. This can be helpful when performing a number of ArcFM-related tasks, such as editing.


    After opening ArcFM and loading a stored display, select Bookmarks from the main menus. Options are available to create bookmarks or manage existing bookmarks. The menu will also display a listing of any bookmarks associated with the current stored display.


    Bookmarks are associated on a per stored display basis. After creating any new bookmarks, remember to save the stored display prior to exiting ArcMap. This will ensure that any new bookmarks are retained and available the next time the stored display is used.


    Access the Stored Items menu within the ArcFM toolbar and save the stored display using either the Save or Save As option.


    If the Save As option is selected, a dialog will appear containing options to name or choose where to save the stored display. Use the radio buttons to specify a System or User type stored display to save. Note: If you are having issues trying to save a System stored display, make sure that you have the proper user privileges to complete this task.


    When trying to save the stored display, if the save options appear inactive within the ArcFM toolbar’s Stored Items menu, verify whether an edit session is in progress. If so, stop editing to activate the menu options.