FAQ - ArcFM - Transferring Existing Page Templates to a New Database

Version 4



    Is there any way to make the page templates within my existing environment available for use within a new database?




    Page templates that have been created within an existing data environment can be used by a new database. This can be accomplished by copying two tables (i.e., user and system page templates) and adding them to the new database.


    Use the following steps as a guide for incorporating existing page templates within a new database.


    1. Open ArcCatalog and locate the MM_PAGE_TEMPLATES and MM_SYSTEM_PAGE_TEMPLATES tables (these are the two tables containing the user and system page templates).

    2. Copy the two tables and add them to the new database. Verify that any required table permissions are set correctly.

          Note: Prior to adding these tables, remove the corresponding tables (if present) within the destination database.

    3. Open ArcMap and verify whether the page templates are accessible via the Stored Items drop-down menu on the ArcFM toolbar.


    4. If the page templates are not shown within the Stored Items drop-down on the ArcFM toolbar, use the ArcFM Stored Items Classic toolbar to confirm that the page templates are associated with the new database.

           Note: If necessary, this toolbar can be activated via Customize within the main ArcMap menus.

    5. Select Page Templates within the Stored Items Classic toolbar and confirm that the copied page templates are listed within the menu.

    6. Close ArcMap.

    7. To make the page templates accessible via the ArcFM toolbar, identify and delete the rows within the MM_PACKAGES and MM_SYSTEM_PACKAGES tables that reference the page templates.

    8. Reopen ArcMap and verify that the page templates are now visible via the Stored Items menu on the ArcFM toolbar.

    9. Ensure that the copied page templates are ‘swizzled’ properly before using. For this step, exit ArcMap and Run the ArcFM Data Source Wizard via ArcCatalog to update the data source associated with the newly copied page templates.