ArcFM XI - More Insight

Version 4



    It’s that time of year again and I hope you are all excited for the upcoming #GeoConX conference!


    I wanted to take a moment to provide some insight into a topic that has certainly generated a lot of interest amongst the user community – ArcFM XI. In case you didn’t see it, Jay Stinson’s letter to the ArcFM User Community Letter to ArcFM User Community from Jay Stinson 0916  did a great job of outlining the ArcFM of the future and our intent is to build on some of those concepts he mentioned through a series of blog posts over the next several months.


    ArcFM is a critical application for many of you today. It provides the editing tools (e.g. Favorites, ArcFM Attribute Editor), quality assurance rules (e.g. 40+ OOTB QA/QC Rules), productivity tools (e.g. 100+ OOTB Autoupdaters, Find Feeder Tool), workflow configurations (e.g. Session Manager), map generation tools (e.g. Stored Displays, Map Production) and network management methods (e.g. Feeder Management, Tracing) that make up the best Utility GIS solution in the world. As technology is changing and new frameworks like the Utility Network are on the horizon – we’re building the next generation of ArcFM and carefully crafting it to be even more focused on addressing the challenges of utility and telecommunications companies. That’s the value of ArcFM – it solves the problems that you encounter on a daily basis and we intend to keep it that way.


    Let’s start with an example….


    One of those challenges is accurately and efficiently entering data into the GIS. You have increasing amounts of information coming in from external sources and it’s critical that the information is entered quickly but a high-level of data integrity is maintained. It could be redlines, map corrections, markups, as-builts or it could be designs for upcoming construction projects. All of that information coming from the field needs to be validated, quality assured and commissioned to the Utility Network. This needs to happen quickly with easy to use tools so that the data can be integrated with other systems. That’s where ArcFM XI fits – at the center of that ecosystem on the latest Esri technology including the Utility Network and ArcGIS Pro. It assists the GIS Editor persona in processing disparate information so that it can be efficiently and accurately entered into the GIS.


    ArcFM XI will complement ArcGIS Pro and the Utility Network by providing tools that help the GIS Editor to:


    • Create Better Data
    • Be More Productive
    • Easily Move Work through the Asset Lifecycle


    Imagine a world with a performant and scalable Utility Network model that better represents the assets you have in the ground. Imagine a world where you can capture a map correction in the field and seamlessly pass the information to a GIS Editor in the office so that it can be correctly processed. Imagine a world where a design can be created in the field using a simple but powerful application that seamlessly works with the enterprise GIS application back in the office.


    This world that we are imagining is finally becoming a reality with the ArcFM Solution XI series.


    It’s certainly an exciting time and this first blog post is intended to give you a little more insight into our thinking with ArcFM XI. Join us at GeoConX to see a glimpse of ArcFM XI in action on the Utility Network. Also come talk to us about migration and how to get prepared for the Utility Network and what you can do today. We’ll have a live demo at our booth (#300) so be sure to stop by and say hello!