Solution - Responder - Default Web Portal Values not Retained During Call Entry.

Version 3



    Some customers have reported that the default options for call entry around Call Trouble and Hazard do not remain. Further, they default to a value of 0 even though the value for defaultTroubleType is set to something else.




    In our testing, it appears the default values for Call Trouble, Hazard, and Cause are all reading the same dataset. If one is missing from any of the domains, the value will return to 0.




    This will be addressed in the 10.2.1c SP1 release and forward. In other versions, you'll want to ensure that:

    • The value for defaultTroubleType type exists.
    • The Call_Trouble, Hazard, and Cause domains all have the value in the DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml file.