Solution - Designer - Graphics Order Not Working When Active Annotation Target Set to Annotation Feature Class

Version 4



    The commands in the Order menu of the Drawing toolbar do not work when the Active Annotation Target is set to an Annotation feature class. For example, if text is drawn and a rectangle is drawn over it, then running the Order > Send to Back command on the rectangle does not make the text visible. This might occur in Designer, Designer Express, and Sessions. The following steps illustrate the problem:


    1. Draw some text.

    2. Draw a rectangle over the text.

    3. Right click on the rectangle and select Order > Send to Back.

    4. Text is not visible after running Send to Back.

      Selecting the text and running Bring to Front also does not make the text visible.




    This is caused by ESRI bug NIM086630, which has not been resolved in any ESRI releases.


    Work Around


    • If the text is not already drawn, draw it last to make it visible.
    • If the text is already drawn:
      1. Select the text graphic.
      2. Copy and paste it.
      3. Delete the original text.
      4. Drag the copied text over the rectangle.