Solution - Designer - Design Graphics Lost After Saving Design

Version 9



    When design graphics are placed in a design, then the design is saved and closed, the design graphics are not present after reopening the design.




    An ESRI bug has been identified that causes the Active Annotation Target to be set to Default instead of Design Graphics, if ArcMap is covered by another application while a design is being saved. These steps will cause the loss of design graphics:

    1. Open an application and resize it to cover most of ArcMap.
    2. Open a design that is large enough to take some time to save.
    3. Click Save Design.
    4. Quickly click in the covering application to give it focus while the save is occurring.
    5. Let the save of the design finish.
    6. Once the save is finished, go back to ArcMap.
    7. In the Drawing toolbar, select Active Annotation Target.


    It will now be set to Default instead of Design Graphics. Any design graphics placed will be lost since the Active Annotation Target has changed to Default.




    The workaround involves adding the Set Active Graphics Layer subtask to the Save Design task in the Workflow Manager configuration. Use the following steps to configure this subtask:

    1. Start the Process Framework Administration Tool and log in.
    2. Select the Nodes Types tab.
    3. Select Design in the Nodes list, then scroll through the Task list and select Save Design.
    4. Click Properties.
    5. Scroll to Set Active Graphics Layer in the Available Tasks list, select it, and click the right arrow to add it after Save Design.
    6. Select it in the Selected Subtasks list.
    7. Select TargetGraphicsLayerName in the Parameters list.
    8. Type "Design Graphics" in the Parameter Values field.
    9. Click OK.
    10. Select File > Save.