Solution - Designer - Create Favorite not Available in ArcFM System Favorites Manager

Version 2



    After right-clicking a category on the Compatible Units tab of the ArcFM System Favorites Manager, the Create Favorite, Create Macro Favorite, and Copy menu items are not shown. Additionally, after right-clicking a category on the Features tab, Create Favorite and Copy are not shown.




    This is caused by having the MM MOBILE LOGIN model name set at the database level. If this model name is set, the menu items do not enable and are not shown in the right-click menu. This model name is only used in the Mobile Designer product and should not be set on an enterprise database.




    Remove the MM MOBILE LOGIN model name using these steps:

    1. Start ArcCatalog and log in as the owner of the ArcFM system tables.
    2. Right-click the database and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
    3. Select the Model Names tab.
    4. Select the MM MOBILE LOGIN model name in the Model names selected list.
    5. Click the left arrow to move it to the Model names available list.
    6. Click OK.