Solution - Designer Express - Permissions Error Reported for Work Location Systems Table

Version 2



    When attempting to open an Express Design following an upgrade to 10.2.1c, a permissions error related to system tables is thrown:




    The Miner Event Log will report an error similar to the following:


    [2016-08-03 10:52:12,935 [1] ERROR Miner.Desktop.DesignerExpress.ExpressDesign [(null)] - A Designer Express design can not be opened, the user 'sde' doesn't have write permissions to the following system tables: MM_EXPRESS_DN_WORK_LOCATIONS.]


    Upgrading Designer Express to 10.2.1c results in table permission errors if the Designer Express Configuration Wizard is not run. This step is required with previously installed versions of Designer Express to properly update the system tables.




    This issue is associated with not using the Designer Express Configuration Wizard to update the necessary system tables during the 10.2.1c upgrade process. The permissions error is reported for MM_EXPRESS_DN_WORK_LOCATIONS.




    This issue is seen with Designer Express when upgrading to 10.2.1c. The reported errors occur when failing to run the Designer Express Configuration Wizard during the upgrade process. The issue can be resolved by following the Designer Express upgrade steps outlined for 10.2.1c at:


    The Designer Express Configuration Wizard is accessible via ArcCatalog. Additional information on the wizard can be found at the following link: