Solution - Responder - External Message Router Configuration of Line Display

Version 2



    There may be a performance impact if Line Display is not configured to use an External Message Router. If you are using Message Router processes, please ensure that Line Display is included in the configuration.




    Through some unique scenarios, it's possible a client may be using the message router for all of the Responder processes except Line display. In some initial tests, this may cause a performance problem.




    As the Message Router is deployed for distributed performance, you'll want to ensure that the values are configured correctly.


    1. From the Message Router Server, go to the configuration page located at http://localhost:7997



    2. Click on the Message Router tab and verify that the configuration line matches the example below:



    You will need to set the count to zero in order to edit this line. This means that a temporary Responder outage will be necessary. The settings will save out to the configuration file once the Responder Windows Service is restarted. Both nodes will need to be changed this way if the machine participates in a Windows Cluster.