Solution - ArcFM - Zooming for Subsequent Traces Reverts to Initial Trace Results

Version 1



    When conducting a series of traces using the ArcFM Electric Tracing toolbar, map zooming always defaults to the initial trace results. When the ‘zoom to results’ option is activated, the map scale and location should reflect the latest trace results. This issue causes the map to return to the area of the initial trace results for any new traces. The behavior is caused by issue CLS-59379 and has been reported to impact 10.2.1b.




    This issue is associated with using the simple trace option. Trace results from the initial trace are not cleared, which results in subsequent traces reverting back to the map area containing the original trace results.




    The reported issue CLS-59379 has been resolved in 10.2.1b SP2 and 10.2.1c. A workaround for this issue has also been identified in the affected versions. Selecting the ‘clear results’ button or deactivating the ‘zoom to results’ option will prevent zooming to the map area based on initial trace results.