Solution - ArcFM - Update Button Inactivated in ArcFM Attribute Editor with Copy-Paste

Version 1



    Copy-paste is often performed to update attribute information for existing features when editing. If copy-paste is used, the update button within the Attribute Editor can remain inactive, thereby preventing any updates. This behavior is caused by issue CLS-59670 and has been reported to impact 10.2.1a and 10.2.1a SP1.




    This issue is triggered by using copy-paste to update an existing feature’s attribute information during an edit session. The ‘update’ button within the Selection tab of the ArcFM Attribute Editor becomes inactive, which prevents association of the new attribute information with the feature. Until an update is performed, changes to the attribute fields are not saved for the session. 




    The reported issue CLS-59670 has been resolved in 10.2.1b. A workaround for this issue has also been identified in the affected versions. Select a different feature class or different feature of the same type within the Selection tab of the ArcFM Attribute Editor. Return to the feature containing the new attribute information, and the ‘update’ button will become active.