Solution - Session Manager - "This session's version could not be found"

Version 2


    After creating a session with Session Manager, the following error is thrown when attempting to open this session:

    "This session's version could not be found. You may not be connected to the database, the version referenced by this session may have been deleted, or the version's permission may have been changed to private."


    The following error is also written to the Miner event log:

    2016-06-28 09:09:04,810 [1] WARN   [(null)] - ArcFM Session Manager:

    Could not find a workspace with the 'MM Enterprise' model name.




    The model name MM ENTERPRISE needs to be assigned at the geodatabase level.



    Assign the MM ENTERPRISE model name to the geodatabase by right-clicking on the SDE connection in ArcCatalog and selecting ArcFM Properties Manager > Model Names tab.