May 2016

Version 1

    Firmware set C3414-500-S02K0_P5

    released May 27, 2016



    • DNPR Protocol: Bug fix for intermittent communications over UDP.
    • L&G 8979 Protocol: Bug fix for STS display page if point is marked “inverted”.
    • Quantum Meter protocol: Init and manage I/O points health flags properly.
    • Command Log: Don’t send events to Command Log if it is disabled to prevent causing sending tasks to stall or crash.
    • Data Transfer: Bug fix where task was changing forced value instead of actual value in AO-FLT type.
    • Hardware STS: Handle points marked as spare correctly.
    • ACI: Bug fix causing primary power STS point being set instead of backup power STS point.
    • GUI: SEL Command Page now shows up correctly.
    • GUI: Fix GPS strength of satellite signal display.
    • GUI: Toggle function in Force Data popup dialog made more specific to indicate only state is toggled, not flags.
    • GUI: Fix Primary Secondary time configuration popup, frequency and timeout values revert to default when time base changed.
    • GUI: Fix Series 5 Master configuration to display correct number of points configured.
    • GUI: Change All functionality improved in all configuration pages.
    • GUI: Copy IED configuration Harris and Symax protocols fixed.
    • GUI: Analog mapping screen show Class column header only for DNPR protocol.
    • GUI: Fix DNPR unsolicited RTU master address assignment if using TCP.
    • GUI: Size of SOE log enforced to 300 entries now.
    • User Manager Program: Catch and handle space character in password if entered. Space character is not allowed.