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    Join Us at the Esri UC for All the Latest on ArcFMA New Look for exchange
    Simplifying the Design Process at Southern CompanyCustomer Spotlight: Welcome MGE
    ArcFM Solution - New Release RecapTips & Tricks: ArcMap/ArcFM Keyboard Shortcuts
    Designer XI Alpha ProgramUpcoming Events


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    Join Us at the Esri UC for All the Latest on ArcFMsandiego.jpng.png


    We’ve got loads of helpful information, relevant events and great prizes planned for the Esri User Conference June 26-July 1 in San Diego.


    Technology update

    It’s been a very busy year with seven product releases already! From ArcFM Solution 10.2.1c to the new ArcFM XI Series. and more, we’ll walk you through the latest on Sunday, June 26. Learn what’s new, what’s changed, and how it can help your business run more productively.  Immediately afterwards, join us for great food, drinks and socializing.


    One-on-one briefings

    Want a personalized approach and hear how our innovations are specific to your work? Visit us at booth #301 to see or schedule a demo, or book a meeting for a personalized update on how our recent technology improvements impact you. Plus, sign up for a chance to win an Apple Watch!


    Conference events and sessions

    Attend The Utility of the Future on Thursday, June 30 at 8:30 a.m. to hear how industry changes are projected to impact utilities and how our solutions will provide value far into the future. Also, join us for the Elite-sponsored EGUG and TelUG meetings and reception.


    Visit Esri UC 2016 to learn more, book a meeting or demo, or to register for our Sunday night social.




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    Simplifying the Design Process at Southern Company


    On June 7, we hosted a webinar in which Southern Company discussed how Designer Express helped it simplify data, workflows, and the user experience – all while making significant gains in performance and efficiency.


    If you missed it, you can still view the recording - Simplification Story: The Implementation of Designer Express at Southern Company



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    ArcFM Solution - New Release Recap


    We’re keeping busier than ever by providing you with a host of product releases this year. Learn the latest at our Technology Update at the Esri User Conference, where we’ll be covering each release in more detail. Here are the highlights:

    • ArcFM Mobile 3.0 for Windows, setting a new standard for scalable, multi-platform mobile GIS solutions
    • More design functionality in ArcFM Solution 10.2.1c for gas and electric customers - Announcing NEW Capabilities for ArcFM - 10.2.1c
    • Ability to run traces in ArcFM Web to do things like identify protective devices, locate valves to isolate an area and find affected customers.  These traces can be used in conjunction with other core ArcFM Services & Web functionality to generate the information needed for your organization.
    • Even faster network analysis from ArcFM Feeder Manager 2.0 updates
    • Circuit crossings and multiple service drops added to OHDA for modeling more complex scenarios
    • Upcoming improvements to Wavepoint that allow it to represent wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM)

    Learn more about these updates and all of the others – and how they deliver real, tangible value to your daily work! Join our Technology Update on Sunday, June 26 at the Esri UC or book a meeting/demo at the conference.




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    Designer XI Alpha Program


    Designer XI is the exciting, next-generation product in the Designer family.


    With a focus on simplicity, efficiency and network intelligence, this product delivers an environment in which multiple users and systems have access to design information from a central and secure source.


    The Designer XI Alpha Program is a great opportunity to get involved with the early release of the product, gain hands-on experience, and provide important feedback to our development effort. We’ve designed Alpha to be very easy to install and begin using. It comes with sample data already loaded so you don't have to do any configuration. A Program Packet is also included to guide you through different scenarios and provide feedback on the design workflows.


    Ready to learn more? Visit the Designer XI space to get more information about Designer XI and the Alpha program.




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    A New Look forexchange-logo.png


    exchange has been updated to serve you better. Navigation is quicker, screen real estate is optimized, and GIS support cases are easier to track and manage.


    A few navigation and structure changes from the previous version are highlighted in the exchange Help document.


    Still not a member of exchange? Join the community and get a host of resources to make your job easier.



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    Customer Spotlight: Welcome Madison Gas and Electric


    We are happy to welcome Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) to the Schneider Electric family.


    Based in Madison, Wisconsin, MGE provides service to approximately 146,000 electric and 152,000 gas customers. The utility will implement Schneider Electric’s ArcFM solution suite and the Esri ArcGIS platform to support an improved geospatial system.


    The complimentary ArcGIS and ArcFM solution replaces an existing GIS system that is more than twenty years old. The updated solution will provide geospatial capabilities across the MGE enterprise.


    MGE will realize a number of benefits from the Schneider Electric and Esri solution, including:

    • Overall solution functionality and interoperability
    • Schneider Electric’s partnership with Esri, which deploys the most prevalent GIS worldwide
    • Commitment by Esri and Schneider Electric to reinvest upwards of 20 percent of their annual revenue into research and development, illustrating their commitment to the utility market
    • Proven low risk and high value, as evidenced by Schneider Electric’s long history in utility GIS with nearly 500 current customers


    “With the implementation of this new geospatial solution, we anticipate our entire operation will benefit from greater access to various MGE data,” said Greg Meyer, Director – Electric Engineering and Operations Support at MGE. “Across departments, our team will have greater ability to make smart decisions based off an accurate view of our networks.”


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    icon_tools_yellow_white_80x78.pngTips & Tricks: ArcMap/ArcFM Keyboard Shortcuts

    When working in desktop ArcMap or ArcFM, there are many keyboard shortcuts to help you do your job faster and easier. From traditional shortcuts to new ones, here’s a sampling from the full Tips & Tricks list.


    Traditional Microsoft Windows shortcuts

    • Ctrl + Z to undo
    • F2 to rename the currently selected item


    Map navigation shortcuts

    • , (comma key) to move the map to the Previous Extent
    • . (period key) to move the map to the Next Extent



    • Hold down the Spacebar while sketching to prevent snapping
    • R to open a dialog where you can enter a radius



    • With the Rotate tool active, press A to open a dialog and enter the exact degrees of rotation desired
    • With the Rotate tool active, hold Ctrl and drag the center point X on the map until it is over the location you want to pivot around.


    View the full list of shortcuts.




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    Upcoming Events

    Esri UC 2016

    June 27 - July 1

    San Diego, CA - San Diego Convention Center


    star.pngWe are hosting a special Technology Update presentation and customer social on Sunday evening, June 26! Mark your calendars and plan to attend - more details to come.


    View the full conference agenda and learn more »


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