Jan 2016

Version 2

    Firmware set C3414-500-S02K0_P1
    released Jan 14, 2016


    • Config Converter: Auto-Sectionalizing task
      configuration parameter was omitted when using K0 Config Converter.
    • Config Converter: Problem loading new templates
      (Add/Change) into K0 Config Converter fixed.
    • Proprietary and Confidential to Schneider
    • Command Log: Log file compression routine task
      priority reduced to prevent it from affection RTU operations under heavy load
    • DNPM Protocol: Echoed commands from fiber loop
      now handled properly on Ethernet channels and serial channels configured as
      Full Duplex.
    • GUI: Auto-Sectionalizing display page was
      missing some timer parameters.
    • Modbus: Improved command processing for DO and
      AO controls.




    • GUI: I/O point display pages now have legend to
      indicate meaning of flags.
    • Transdata Protocol: User can now configure the
      RTU to expect an echo of meter command if meter is on fiber loop.
    • DNPR Protocol: Event class for STS, ANA, and ACC
      points are now set on per point basis.