February 2016

Version 1

    Firmware set C3414-500-S02K0_P3
    released Feb 22, 2016


    • DNPM: Receiving packed STS (OBJ1 Var1) would not
      clear initial “offline” flag for STS points unless received point state was 1
      (Closed, On), leaving any/all unchanged points marked as “F” (failed) until
      such time as the state changes to 1.
    • GPS: Fixed Trimble Extended GPS Week Number bug
      for ACE II/SK8 II GPS card.

    Firmware set
    C3414-500-S02K0_P2 released Feb 2, 2016


    • GUI: Don’t show C3835 1MSSOE in list of mapping
      sources if no points are configured.
    • GUI: Session timeout was incorrectly changed to
      be a fixed value, is now configurable again.
    • GUI: Add ‘U’ flag in legend explaining its
    • Hardware STS: Fixed event generation mechanism
      for hardware STS points to insert correct health flag information.
    • C3835 1MSSOE: Change init process so that DNP
      does not generate events for every point that is marked online at bootup.