FAQ - ArcFM - Utilizing the Magnifier or Viewer to aid with ArcFM Feature Editing

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    When sketching or modifying ArcFM features, I often have to change the map scale or use the zoom buttons to readjust a map area for editing. Is there an option where I can enlarge a particular area for editing without changing the current map scale?




    The Magnifier or Viewer windows can be used to aid with ArcFM feature editing. These windows provide a number of options for map navigation or zooming. You can use the Magnifier or Viewer windows to enlarge an area of interest for sketching new or for modifying existing ArcFM features.


    The following steps outline how to access and utilize the Magnifier or Viewer windows to assist with ArcFM editing:

    1. Open ArcFM and begin an edit session.
    2. From the Windows menu, choose Magnifier or Viewer.
    3. Use the options available within the Magnifier or Viewer windows to navigate and zoom to an area of interest.
    4. Display the Features panel within the Table of Contents.
    5. Click a feature in the Table of Contents and send the feature to the Targets tab of the ArcFM Attribute Editor.
    6. Use the Magnifier or the Viewer window to sketch the new ArcFM features.