FAQ - ArcFM - Working with Default Subtypes when using the ArcFM Locator Tool

Version 2



    When performing an attribute query using the ArcFM Locator tool, unfortunately the search results do not contain any expected features. Is there a setting that influences search results for the attribute query option?




    The ArcFM Locator tool provides a number of options to find and identify features on the map. Searching by ‘Attribute Query’ is helpful when you need to locate features based on specific attribute information.


    An ‘Ignore Subtypes’ option exists when the ‘Attribute Query’ search method is selected. This setting is important when multiple subtypes are defined for a particular feature type. When unchecked, the default subtype for the specified feature class is used. To search across all subtypes for the feature class, as opposed to the default subtype, verify that this option is checked.


    Perform the following steps to ignore subtypes when performing an ‘Attribute Query:'

    1. Open ArcFM and access the ArcFM Locator Tool.
    2. Choose ‘Attribute Query’ within the Locator Tool drop-down menu.
    3. Specify a feature class for the query using the Search drop-down menu.
    4. Confirm that the ‘Ignore Subtypes’ option is checked.


    Alternatively, if a search on a different subtype is required, make sure the 'Ignore Subtypes' option remains checked. Identify the subtype field, and if necessary, select a
    different value.



    When using the ‘Attribute Query’ option within the ArcFM Locator Tool, you can also specify the default subtype shown for individual features classes.

    Use the following steps to verify or specify the default subtype for an individual feature type:

    1. Using ArcCatalog, right-click on a feature class and open the Esri Properties dialog.
    2. Access the Subtypes tab and view or change the current ‘Default Subtype.’
    3. If a new default subtype is specified, re-open ArcFM and open the ArcFM Locator Tool. Choose the ‘Attribute Query’ option, select the appropriate feature class for the search, and verify that the default is the expected subtype.