2016 October - WeatherSentry API Release Notes

Version 11
    What's New?
    Additional Detail
    New! WFS LayerThere is a new LIGHTNING_FLASH layer. This layer contains only flash data. This layer is in addition to the already existing stroke layer
    Updated! WFS LayerThe updated LIGHTNING_STROKE layer will have more data than ever before! We have combined lightning data from several vendors to provide a "best in class" solution to improve accuracy and provide more data.
    Additional Fields
    For GetFeatureInfo (WMS) and GetFeature (WFS) method calls, we added additional fields in the return package. Those new headers are 'Error Ellipse Max Axis, Error Ellipse Min Axis, Error Ellipse Bearing'. The Location Error parameter will still be returned to maintain backward compatibility, but will always return NULL.


    What is an "error ellipse?

    An error ellipse represents the geometric uncertainty factor of a given lightning stroke or flash data point, detailed below:

      2016-06-02 13_09_15-AsBorder.png

          Source :http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20100039379.pdf

    Where can I find the technical specifications for these layers?


    Find those here :

    Known Issues

    • None.