Announcing NEW Capabilities for ArcFM - 10.2.1c

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    Increased mobility, performance, and innovative integrations



    ArcFM version 10.2.1c and beyond 

    The new ArcFM Solution is our latest GIS solution for utility and communications providers that gives you increased mobility, performance, and innovative integrations. The latest capabilities available with version 10.2.1c include performance updates, new tools and integrations for improving visibility and work, along with more out-of-the-box flexibility.


    You told us how the ArcFM Solution could help you work better — and we listened. Its powerful functionality and new capabilities help you work smarter. Designer Express offers a flexible approach to create a work sketch and assemble materials and labor in a streamlined approach that eliminates redundant data entry, enables partial posting, and offers designers a simplified experience in GIS.

    • Streamlined functions that increase efficiency
    • New capabilities to improve design and outage management workflows
    • Enhanced engineering analyses to provide accurate pole loading calculations
    • Over 70 bugs fixes and enhancements


    The newest enhancements for components of the ArcFM Solution include:




    Supports the viewing, editing, mapping and management of GIS data across a business environment with configurable models and sophisticated tools.


    • Improved tools to migrate configurations between different ArcFM environments
    • Usability improvements that allow users to quickly reference selected features in the ArcFM Attribute Editor on the map





    Reduces outage duration by locating outages faster and providing data for an optimized response.


    • 10-fold improvements in outage prediction performance
    • Updated Switching Order Request tools that allow the configuration of additional fields
    • Support for the creation of multiple incidents on a single device when a second incident occurs before the first incident is closed out
    • Enhanced filtering on the Responder Calls Tab to view unprocessed and processed calls
    • Easily distinguish between customer calls and AMI events within the incident with the addition of the AMI Events Tab


    Designer Express



    Integrates the creation of a work sketch and aggregation of required materials and labor into a single, seamless ArcFM GIS-based workflow.


    • Make design cost reporting simpler by grouping Cost Items into work locations
    • Better model field work with the Transfer work function to move existing equipment to a new location within the design
    • Easily identify selected assets in the map with new auto-highlight in Facility Sketcher


    Overhead Design Analysis (OHDA)


    OHDA gives utilities a single tool for analyzing overhead construction, making it easy to calculate the sag and tension of cables, determine the load on a pole, and review different loading scenarios in an intuitive, 3D view.


    • Analyze all of the forces on your poles including poles with crossing circuits and more than one tap-off pole
    • Complete control over pole assemblies down to setting the angle of the assembly on the pole



    For a complete list of improvements, check out What's New in 10.2.1c.


    Want to learn more? Click below to get specifics on each enhanced component of the ArcFM Solution.








    The ArcFM Solution is a comprehensive enterprise GIS platform used by electric, gas and water utilities and telecommunication providers to efficiently plan, design and reliably operate their infrastructure to serve their customers. With capabilities that include spatial asset management, network planning and analysis, operational awareness, field mobility and seamless integration with key enterprise systems, the Schneider Electric ArcFM Solution drives reduced operating costs and higher standards of customer service.