exchange Help

Version 5

    In exchange, how do I...

    Quickly get to the content I care about?

    Access the You section of the main menu.

    • Select Your Content to browse content you have created, viewed, or participated in.
    • Select Your News to access the activity streams and updates you care most about.
    • Select Your People or Your Places to browse the people or places you are following.
    • You also have access to all the content, people, and places in exchange by using the filtering options on each of these pages.



    Get to my inbox to view my messages?

    Click the gray oval on the right side of the main menu to go to your inbox. The number keeps count of the unread messages you have. A dash in place of the number and a lighter gray color signals you have no unread messages.



    Create new content?

    Click the pencil icon on the far right of the menu bar. Click the type of content you want to create from the popup menu.



    Get notified of updates to products or people?

    Every place and person in exchange has a Follow button.  When you click the Follow button, you have the choice of following the person or place in your Connections Stream, your Inbox, or both. Following in Connections Stream will update your streams in News. Following in Inbox will create a message in your exchange inbox whenever the person or place publishes new content. If you set your exchange inbox to also notify your work email, you will receive a notice there, too. You can also unfollow people and places whenever you want using the Follow button menu.

    In places, the Follow button is at the far right of the black title bar.


    When viewing a person's profile, you will find the Follow button on the far right just below the dark gray section.



    Create and view Connection Streams?

    There is a lot of information floating around in exchange. Too much for one person to follow. Rather than drink from the fire hose, you can create streams to filter out the chatter and focus on the information updates you care about most. You can create and view streams by going to You in the main menu and selecting Your News. You will see your Connections Stream (people, places, and content you have followed), Top & Trending and Most Recent streams, as well as any custom streams you create by clicking New Stream and following the prompts.



    Create and navigate bookmarks?

    You can bookmark almost any type of content in exchange using the Bookmark link in the the upper-right corner of the content view. You can easily access all your bookmarks via the Bookmark tab on the Spotlight Search feature on the main menu (magnifying glass icon).


    Click the Bookmark link to apply a bookmark to a piece of content.


    Navigate the bookmarks you create by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the main menu and selecting the Bookmarks tab.