Solution - ArcFM - Troubleshooting VBA errors

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    Attempting to run ArcFM Desktop results in the following error message.

    (Please ensure the VBA Extension for ArcMap is installed and licensed in order to use ArcFM)


    (Please ensure the VBA Extension for ArcMap is installed and licensed to use ArcFM)




    The error will occur attempting to launch ArcFM Desktop if the Esri VBA Extension is not installed, not licensed, or installed on Windows 7 with UAC enabled.




    1. Is the Esri VBA Extension installed and the same version as ArcGIS Desktop? This information is available from the Windows Control Panel Programs and Features.


    2. Does ArcGIS Administrator show an available VBA license? VBA licenses are available from ESRI.


    3. If ArcGIS VBA Compatibility is installed & has a license, disable Windows 7 UAC (User Account Control) by moving slider to the very bottom (Never notify). Then re-install VBA & try launching ArcFM again. Once it launches successfully the UAC setting can be returned to its original setting.


    ArcFM Desktop requires the VBA Extension, ArcFM Viewer does not.


    VBA Version

    The VBA version needs to match the ArcGIS Desktop version as shown in the Windows Control Panel >Program and Features.

    In ArcMap Help > About ArcMap it shows up like this:


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