Solution - ArcFM Mobile - Delta Creation Failure

Version 2



    When attempting to create a delta, the process fails with an error code "400".






    The user running the map service used for creating the replica may not have Write permissions to the version against which the map service was published. For example, the version to which that the map service is pointing (e.g., SDE.DEFAULT) might have its permissions level set as "Protected."



    1. If the map service is pointing at SDE.DEFAULT, but the version’s permissions level needs to stay set to “Protected,” the map service would then need to be published as and run under the SDE user.
    2. If the map service is pointing at SDE.DEFAULT, but the map service needs to run as a user other than “SDE,” the permissions level of SDE.DEFAULT needs to be set to “Public.”
    3. Create a child version based on SDE.DEFAULT. Next, publish the map service pointing at that version as a user who has Write permissions on that version.
      • If you choose this option, you will need to have a process in place to keep the child version reconciled with SDE.DEFAULT.
      • In addition, you may have to recreate any existing replicas that were created from a map service that was pointed to SDE.DEFAULT.