FAQ - ArcFM - What are the 'Extended Feeder Manager' Components of FM 2.0?

Version 4


    Since I am configuring Feeder Manager 2.0 (FM2.0) with no existing Feeder Manager 1.0 configuration, how do I also enable Extended Feeder Manager (EFM) with my new FM2.0 configuration?



    Extended Feeder Manager refers to ArcFM functionality that models multi-tiered networks by considering UltimateSources and SubSources. For further information, refer to Extended Feeder Manager Definitions.


    Feeder Manager 1.0 documentation separates the traditional Feeder Manager 1.0 configuration from the optional Extended Feeder Manager configuration into two distinct sections:

    1. Configure Feeder Manager 1.0
    2. Upgrade to Extended Feeder Manager


    Feeder Manager 2.0 documentation incorporates multi-tier network functionality in the configuration instructions: Configure Feeder Manager 2.0 From Scratch. There is no specific 'Extended Feeder Manager' component per se, but if you follow the full FM2.0 configuration steps, your network can behave as a multi-tiered network and will take into account SubSource and UltimateSource information. For further reference, multi-tiered functionality is addressed in following steps:

    • Step 5: Create CircuitSourceID Table: this table stores SubSource and UltimateSource information.
    • Step 6: Assign Model Names: for point features that you want to be considered as a SubSource (e.g., Dynamic Protective Device, Switch, Fuse), the following model names are assigned:
      • The CIRCUITSOURCEID field model name is assigned to the CircuitSourceID field.
      • The SUBSOURCE field model name is assigned to the SubSource field.