What's New in ArcFM Web 4.5

Version 8

    What's New in ArcFM Web 4.5


    ArcFM Web is built on HTML5 and Javascript. This modern web technology has great cross-platform capabilities, allowing ArcFM Web to work on all major devices and browsers. For most customers, ArcFM Web can be a replacement for your current ArcFM Silverlight web viewer. The first release of ArcFM Web in November 2015, showcased the rich functionality that is provided by the Geocortex Essentials base product. Schneider Electric added utility-specific functionality in ArcFM Web 4.5, which focuses on business problems that utilities and communication companies need to solve.


    The following features and capabilities were added in ArcFM Web 4.5:

    • Network tracing capabilities are provided for electric, gas, and water. The tracing options are comparable to those offered in ArcFM Silverlight.
    • Configurable trace options are available to customize your visualization of trace results.
    • For gas and water traces, more complex functions like squeeze offs and temporary sources are present.
    • Trace results are displayed on the map and provided in a table format, which can be toggled on and off, allowing you to choose what is displayed on your screen at a given time.


    Latitude Geographics also added features and capabilities to Geocortex Essentials 4.5. To view information on these enhancements, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Geocortex Support Center.
    2. If you do not already have an account, request an account to allow you access.
    3. Select the Geocortex Essentials link in the upper right corner.
    4. Select the What's New tab.
    5. Use their search functionality to find and retrieve documentation that defines the Geocortex Essentials 4.5 release.